Living with Nature


It’s Saturday in Melbourne and the rain/hail has cleared from the sky and the sun has come out. The birds are tweeting in their very best voices to entice me outdoors.  I opened the balcony sliding door and stepped out into a puddle of water blanketing the tiles. I wanted to check the sky and…… see if the small deciduous tree in front of my balcony had any new buds yet. It… Read More

The washing machine broke down last weekend and it was the washing machine’s fault that I had to get up early this morning. When the service centre booked me in for today’s service/repair visit I didn’t flinch or protest as the laundry was piling up and I don’t have many clothes these days. But when the service/repair man rang last night to schedule a 7.30am time-slot on a forecast of a perfect… Read More

The sky went a bit dark and gloomy and then came the hail. But that was 30 minutes ago. I couldn’t help but be drawn out on to my apartment’s balcony to check out the new sky (but it was, and still is, very cold).   PS I think I’ve ‘losing the plot’ as we say in Australia.  I thought I posted this image last night and this morning, I found it… Read More

The last rays of daylight touch the tips of the Rosemary plant on my apartment balcony. Since I made this photo 3 days ago, several more branches of the plant are coming into flower. So strange to see the flowers in mid-winter.  But since my pink daisy and blue Bacopa are still covered with flowers, one can only assume there must be some heat generating from the floor-to-ceiling glass windows in my… Read More

Sometimes I think I’ll never find something new to photograph around my local area and then, I take a random shot of nothing in particular and just love the result.  I had my heavy long 150-500mm lens in my hand when I made this shot and can’t believe I managed to hold it still enough to capture the fine hairs of this dead thistle(?) from so far away.

Yesterday, after I left the River & Cormorants, (mentioned in the previous post), I headed to the late 19th C garden ruins in Pipemakers Park. It was a short walk and I was hoping for some wintery scenes for a blog post. Soon after arrival, a Kindred Spirit came up to chat (and return the lens cap I had dropped further down the path – phew 🙂 ). Turns out he used… Read More