When I go into the garden, I forget everything.  It’s uncomplicated in my world of gardening.  It’s trial and error, really.   If something doesn’t work, it comes out, and you start all over again.

Emilia Fox

The plant nursery label said Broccoli, but methinks this is some kind of Cabbage. I could be wrong. I’ve never grown Broccoli or Cabbage before, but I REALLY REALLY think this is a Cabbage.


1976 – Vicki holding up the Leaning Tower of Pisa

Well, the Cabbage was finally pulled out yesterday.   It had grown like the Leaning Tower of Pisa and of course, I really didn’t want to eat it, having seen the real Leaning Tower of Pisa in 1976.

I know what it takes to hold up a vast structure and the Leaning Cabbage plant was REALLY leaning over and threatening to topple over.

I now have an empty large pot, so what shall I plant next.   Mmmmmmm……….maybe some Broccoli ?????   😀

PS. I’m very pleased to say I didn’t take the photo on the left, but that’s me in the blue t/shirt and flared jeans.