Living with Nature


From the archives – 21st September 2016 It’s been cold, extremely windy and VERY wintery weather in recent days………..just when I thought Winter was coming to an end and Spring might be soon appearing on the horizon. But still…….not much in the way of real heavy soaking rain this past winter in Melbourne. Maybe we’ll have record-breaking Spring rain like we had last year? Who knows. In the meantime, I’m in hibernation mode and… Read More

The last rays of daylight touch the tips of the Rosemary plant on my apartment balcony. Since I made this photo 3 days ago, several more branches of the plant are coming into flower. So strange to see the flowers in mid-winter.  But since my pink daisy and blue Bacopa are still covered with flowers, one can only assume there must be some heat generating from the floor-to-ceiling glass windows in my… Read More

Rain today, so I’ve been indoors trying to catch up with some blog reading. Sunsets don’t have to be spectacular.  Sometimes you just sense the breeze whispering in the tree tops and the sound of birds chirping close by and relax into watching the sun go down.

Yesterday, for the first time since I moved to this western suburb of Maribyrnong 6 months ago, I FINALLY got around to walking down to the river at dusk. The light was just gorgeous. The cool breeze was just so refreshing. Really the best time of day at the moment. Of course, as I walked past the Nature Reserve fence I couldn’t help but look over to the (now) inaccessible lake.  I… Read More

If you followed my nature blog for a few years, you’ll know that when I lived on the north-east side of Melbourne on a 3rd floor apartment for 20 months, I had a 180 degree uninterrupted view of the sky (over the rooftops of the warehouses and residences right over to the Good Shepherd Chapel church spire in The Convent, Abbotsford. You’ll remember some of those brilliant sunsets (and occasionally sunrises, when… Read More