BC (Before Construction) work across the road.

From the archives – 21st January 2018.


I nearly missed it last night and when I did notice the sky colour, I was so absorbed in the tiny scattered pink clouds looking like a Measles rash on the rich dark blue, I almost forgot to get the camera out of its soft pouch.

I watch the sun go down most nights of the week, whether it be Summer, Winter, Autumn or Spring.

It reminds me of how small and insignificant I am in the whole of Mother Earth.   It communicates a richness and vastness and embodies me with the  beauty we live in, be it in my southern hemisphere (or to the north).

Last night I was absorbed in the TV daily news, something I rarely watch as, day by day, month by month,  year by year, I am horrified by the way mankind treats his fellow man.   I worry about the state of the planet and the toxic waste which mankind continue to spew out.

The only thing that keeps my thoughts muffled is the beauty I see on nature documentaries and fellow nature lover’s web sites.

…..and of course, my own Balcony Garden and Avian visitors.

But getting back to the sky……..

I stopped posting in my Sunrise, Sunset (and Clouds that come in Between) blog as my view of the setting sun is now being gradually covered by the new building construction across the road.   But if you enjoy looking at the sky colour as the sun goes down, feel free to swap over to the link of my old Sunset/Cloud Blog for a scroll down of the lovely colour we Melbournians receive regularly.

Last night the wooden framework made an interesting silhouette and I managed to capture a few rather weak images as the light quickly disappeared from sight.

If only I’d looked up and gone out onto my balcony earlier.

Somehow my photos didn’t quite capture the interesting cloud cover as it was, but here it is anyway.

Note: the images in this post are hand-held so may not be as sharp in focus as they would have, had I used my tripod.


……here’s a few more shots of the sky, late afternoon to dusk, the 17th October.   Not as spectacular as Melbourne’s sunsets usually are, but I like looking at the sky as the light fades anyway.   There does need to be clouds to capture the colours for the most part.

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I took some more photos of the poor little sparrow who was feeling the heat yesterday.  He hopped over to the cool side of the bird bath, but was ‘gular fluttering’ (i.e. avian panting) with his throat heavily.

…….. and a cropped version so you can see him better (note: this is through a dirty glass window hence the spots and lack of clarity).

Another shot as he stands on the shady side of the bird bath.

……with a cropped version.

and then to the edge and he flew away.  (Note: I am really missing my broken 150-500mm lens as it would have bought you the birds up close and probably in good focus as I can rest my elbows on my desk to make the shot).

The cool change didn’t come until much later in the day, but it was very welcome and made for some lovely storm clouds (high winds and thunderstorms even blew the roof off one house I heard on the TV news last night).

Normally I have cloud and sunset shots on my other blog, but I can’t decide which shots to share, so here’s a few of the 50-60 images I made at dusk and sunset.

(I have an addiction to cloud formations and sky colours as seen from my desk chair or apartment balcony – they are always different, unless the sky is completely clear).

Cool today & tomorrow and back to heat wave over the weekend 🙂

Roll on Autumn………….please.


I normally share most of my sunset images on my other blog SUNRISE, SUNSET (and Clouds that come in Between), but I am in a quandary about the series of images that I made on Thursday evening starting at 4.52pm.  From time to time I came indoors that afternoon and then went back outdoors, as I didn’t want to miss the real Sunset (when I hoped it would appear).

The sight was so extraordinary as the minutes went by, but my images don’t quite meet my vision of the actual scene.  Maybe they’re not quite worth sharing?

If I can work out which images do portray the sight, I will post them on my Sunset blog, but in the meantime………


It was a beautiful afternoon on Thursday with a (mostly) clear blue sky, but when I went outdoors, I was met by the usual brilliant late afternoon sunlight in Winter (example on the left).

Thursday, half the sky was blue and the other half, to the right hand side of my vision, was filled with dark clouds, but what I found extraordinary, and I don’t know whether you can see this if you only have a small laptop screen, were the leaves on the trees in the foreground.

They were lit up with the sun in such a way that it looked like each leaf was painted with gold paint.  I’m not quite sure that I’ve seen any previous light quite like it (except that another blogger in the Northern Hemisphere, and I can’t remember who, captured the same type of light on exactly the same night).

You might need to zoom in on the lower right third of the image below.  The trees on the top of the hill and main road were in silhouette as I’m looking directly at the sun.

Here’s another shot of those gold leaves (if you can zoom in).  The leaves were a bit brighter (or perhaps more in focus in the 2nd shot).

Talk about sunsets touched with gold.  These were leaves painted gold.  It was only the leaves that were gold, not the trees themselves.

I stood on my apartment balcony and watched the effect for some times and then went back indoors.

…….and then back out again at 5.44pm and thank goodness I did.  The clouds had moved further to the right of the horizon and lower (which would have been to the north or at least N.N.W.)

Such an extraordinary sight with the rest of the sky pale blue.

It looked like the clouds had been painted on a clear sky.

I’m fascinated by clouds and their patterns and movement, not that I know what particular cloud shapes are called.

At one stage the clouds changed colour and you’ll notice one small lonely cloud reflected in the window of the apartment next to mine, below.  We have a 6 foot partition separating each apartment balcony, although I’ve never ever seen people using their balconies on this (road) side of the building.  I think most tenants or owners use their balconies on the other side of the building which look over Frogs Hollow Nature Reserve, the parkland and the Maribyrnong River in the valley floor.

I’m certainly the only person on this side who actually has a garden growing on their balcony.

Maybe other tenants work 9 to 5 and don’t have time (or the interest) in gardening 🙂 or just plain…… arrive home from work in the dark and go out every weekend.


“Blessed are they who see beautiful things in humble places where other people see nothing.”

Camille Pissarro