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Dare I get my hopes up that tomorrow will be a lovely day for Photography? Will Melbourne’s weather forecast be right for a change? Sunday 20 August Summary Min 4 Max 14 Partly cloudy. Possible rainfall: 0 mm Chance of any rain: 20% Melbourne area Partly cloudy. Areas of morning frost. Slight (20%) chance of a shower in the evening. Light winds.   Light winds is one of the descriptions I’m always… Read More

It’s been wild and windy weather in Melbourne and its surrounding suburbs on and off for several weeks now. The laneway leading down the small steep hill to my apartment block acts a bit like a wind tunnel, so it seems to be more like gale force on my west-facing balcony.  Over the weekend and yesterday, I had to end up closing all my windows, (and door to the balcony), as the… Read More

I’m like a toddler with a new toy – can’t leave iMovie alone now I’ve worked out how to use it over the weekend, but I really need to go out and shoot some new images/subject matter for Test Run #3. Here’s test run #2……….made after I arrived home from some errands in the city centre this afternoon. I was so engrossed in re-arranging some old images to try and fit the… Read More

From the archives – 21st September 2016 It’s been cold, extremely windy and VERY wintery weather in recent days………..just when I thought Winter was coming to an end and Spring might be soon appearing on the horizon. But still…….not much in the way of real heavy soaking rain this past winter in Melbourne. Maybe we’ll have record-breaking Spring rain like we had last year? Who knows. In the meantime, I’m in hibernation mode and… Read More

We’ve had some lovely sunshine in Melbourne last week and again this week (since the gale force winds over the past weekend), but I’ve had so many errands (and other commitments), I’ve had little chance to enjoy it.  Monday,  I walked home along the Maribyrnong River path as the sun got lower in the sky and turned much of the surrounding landscape into gold which is really a wonderful time of the… Read More

A friend said to me once, “where do you find all these nature reserves and natural bushland areas in the suburbs?” I replied “it’s not just what you see in the image that makes these photos look like you’re out in the country.  It’s the details you leave out.  It’s about looking up maps and finding all the marked green belts or public parks, then going there and walking around the area.”… Read More

Sometimes I think I’ll never find something new to photograph around my local area and then, I take a random shot of nothing in particular and just love the result.  I had my heavy long 150-500mm lens in my hand when I made this shot and can’t believe I managed to hold it still enough to capture the fine hairs of this dead thistle(?) from so far away.

It’s been raining overnight and I’ve woken up to a rather chilly day. While the first month of winter – June – is nearly over, we’ve had surprisingly little rain so far in Melbourne.  It’s been mainly light showers in the western suburbs (where I live) for this last week, but enough to stall my efforts to get outdoors for some walking and fresh air (and/or nature photography). More frequent showers are… Read More

Yesterday, after I left the River & Cormorants, (mentioned in the previous post), I headed to the late 19th C garden ruins in Pipemakers Park. It was a short walk and I was hoping for some wintery scenes for a blog post. Soon after arrival, a Kindred Spirit came up to chat (and return the lens cap I had dropped further down the path – phew 🙂 ). Turns out he used… Read More

The images below were made on the 25th May, 2014, when my younger brother kindly drove me to a field up on the Dandenong Ranges (the range of hills overlooking the eastern suburbs of Melbourne), where he’d seen this field of funghi only days earlier.