Living with Nature


It’s Saturday in Melbourne and the rain/hail has cleared from the sky and the sun has come out. The birds are tweeting in their very best voices to entice me outdoors.  I opened the balcony sliding door and stepped out into a puddle of water blanketing the tiles. I wanted to check the sky and…… see if the small deciduous tree in front of my balcony had any new buds yet. It… Read More

Dare I get my hopes up that tomorrow will be a lovely day for Photography? Will Melbourne’s weather forecast be right for a change? Sunday 20 August Summary Min 4 Max 14 Partly cloudy. Possible rainfall: 0 mm Chance of any rain: 20% Melbourne area Partly cloudy. Areas of morning frost. Slight (20%) chance of a shower in the evening. Light winds.   Light winds is one of the descriptions I’m always… Read More

It’s been wild and windy weather in Melbourne and its surrounding suburbs on and off for several weeks now. The laneway leading down the small steep hill to my apartment block acts a bit like a wind tunnel, so it seems to be more like gale force on my west-facing balcony.  Over the weekend and yesterday, I had to end up closing all my windows, (and door to the balcony), as the… Read More

I’m like a toddler with a new toy – can’t leave iMovie alone now I’ve worked out how to use it over the weekend, but I really need to go out and shoot some new images/subject matter for Test Run #3. Here’s test run #2……….made after I arrived home from some errands in the city centre this afternoon. I was so engrossed in re-arranging some old images to try and fit the… Read More

From the archives Many years ago, I used to use Picasa software to make collages or Birthday Cards.  I no longer have this software and this morning I discovered its no longer available.  The collage above is one of many I made in the early days of my Photography hobby.   Enjoy………….. 

The sky went a bit dark and gloomy and then came the hail. But that was 30 minutes ago. I couldn’t help but be drawn out on to my apartment’s balcony to check out the new sky (but it was, and still is, very cold).   PS I think I’ve ‘losing the plot’ as we say in Australia.  I thought I posted this image last night and this morning, I found it… Read More

From the archives – 21st September 2016 It’s been cold, extremely windy and VERY wintery weather in recent days………..just when I thought Winter was coming to an end and Spring might be soon appearing on the horizon. But still…….not much in the way of real heavy soaking rain this past winter in Melbourne. Maybe we’ll have record-breaking Spring rain like we had last year? Who knows. In the meantime, I’m in hibernation mode and… Read More

One of the most magical times of day around my area is between 3.30pm and 4.30pm in the afternoon. Especially in winter when the sun reflects off the clouds like a spotlight.  My side of the river starts to fall into a deep mysterious shade quite early, due to the overlooking cliff-top or hill (depending on where you’re standing). I plan my walks over to the nearby Pipemakers Park so that I… Read More

We’ve had some lovely sunshine in Melbourne last week and again this week (since the gale force winds over the past weekend), but I’ve had so many errands (and other commitments), I’ve had little chance to enjoy it.  Monday,  I walked home along the Maribyrnong River path as the sun got lower in the sky and turned much of the surrounding landscape into gold which is really a wonderful time of the… Read More

From the Archives – 13th June 2017 I hate walking along the main road to the nearby Shopping Centre.  (In fact I usually catch a bus, tram or taxi). It’s so boring. The roads. The cars. The car exhaust fumes. The traffic sounds. So back in mid June I set myself a challenge to see how many flowers I could photograph in residential gardens, (or next to footpaths), along the walk.  It… Read More