Not a single drop of water passes over the same rock twice, and the murmur of water rushing over a rock is constantly changing. Sameness is but an illusion of the human ears, eyes, mind. Water that has once flowed along a riverbed can never retrace its course. Human life is no different. It is only our mundane eyes and minds that we see yesterday as being the same as today.

Enlightened eyes and minds should recognize that each moment has a form different from that of any other moment

Shundo Aoyama, Zen Seeds



I mentioned the other day that I had one ripe blueberry on the bush so far this season.   I think I also mentioned the birds were landing on the bush looking too – mainly House Sparrows.

This morning, after fumbling around getting the little Sony ‘mirrorless’ out of it’s soft ‘storage’ pouch, I managed to catch a male Superb Fairy-wren landing on the soil underneath the Blueberry bush looking up to see if it could spot a ripe blueberry.

Yes, definitely time to protect the bush from the birds.Note: this was the only shot in reasonably good focus out of about 7-8.   Gosh, those fairy-wrens move fast.   I had several shots that were just a blur of blue and one shot with no bird at all in the image.


 Those who contemplate the beauty of the earth find reserves of strength that will endure as long as life lasts. There is something infinitely healing in the repeated refrains of nature  –  the assurance that dawn comes after night, and spring after winter. 

Rachel Carson


Being more housebound these days,  I decided to start uploading an image from my archives every Wednesday with a ‘Gardening’ quote.

Well, last night, while scrolling through my archives,  I came across this photo from when I actually used to get up at dawn and photograph the sight unfolding as the new day begins and decided to have a weekend quote this week as well.




I nearly missed it last night and when I did notice the sky colour, I was so absorbed in the tiny scattered pink clouds looking like a Measles rash on the rich dark blue, I almost forgot to get the camera out of its soft pouch.

I watch the sun go down most nights of the week, whether it be Summer, Winter, Autumn or Spring.

It reminds me of how small and insignificant I am in the whole of Mother Earth.   It communicates a richness and vastness and embodies me with the  beauty we live in, be it in my southern hemisphere (or to the north).

Last night I was absorbed in the TV daily news, something I rarely watch as, day by day, month by month,  year by year, I am horrified by the way mankind treats his fellow man.   I worry about the state of the planet and the toxic waste which mankind continue to spew out.

The only thing that keeps my thoughts muffled is the beauty I see on nature documentaries and fellow nature lover’s web sites.

…..and of course, my own Balcony Garden and Avian visitors.

But getting back to the sky……..

I stopped posting in my Sunrise, Sunset (and Clouds that come in Between) blog as my view of the setting sun is now being gradually covered by the new building construction across the road.   But if you enjoy looking at the sky colour as the sun goes down, feel free to swap over to the link of my old Sunset/Cloud Blog for a scroll down of the lovely colour we Melbournians receive regularly.

Last night the wooden framework made an interesting silhouette and I managed to capture a few rather weak images as the light quickly disappeared from sight.

If only I’d looked up and gone out onto my balcony earlier.

Somehow my photos didn’t quite capture the interesting cloud cover as it was, but here it is anyway.

Note: the images in this post are hand-held so may not be as sharp in focus as they would have, had I used my tripod.


……here’s a few more shots of the sky, late afternoon to dusk, the 17th October.   Not as spectacular as Melbourne’s sunsets usually are, but I like looking at the sky as the light fades anyway.   There does need to be clouds to capture the colours for the most part.

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