Living with Nature


From the archives Many years ago, I used to use Picasa software to make collages or Birthday Cards.  I no longer have this software and this morning I discovered its no longer available.  The collage above is one of many I made in the early days of my Photography hobby.   Enjoy………….. 

From the Archives……over the last 7 years. Just how many (mainly) green photos can you shoot when you’re Living in Nature – I seem to have hundreds.  Here’s a small selection.

Since I moved from the south-eastern side of Melbourne where I lived next to the Royal Botanic Gardens, I’ve been planning a trip back to the RBG to capture some more images of Autumn. Going through my archives this morning, I came across the photos I shot on the 6th May 2013. Seems like early to mid-May is the best week to go. Here’s a few old images to whet your appetite…. Read More