Living with Nature


From the archives – 15th August 2016. After moaning about the wild and windy weather lately, I thought to check out  what I was doing this time last year. (well, 15th August, 2016 was close enough). It appears I was in the Royal Botanic Gardens doing some flower photography.  The dark background suggests it was on a dark overcast  Winter day, but it didn’t stop these lovely pink flowers shining.  I’ve had… Read More

From the archives – 13th October 2016

This week I noticed that the Purple Coral Pea is in bloom. I had already spotted several low-growing bushes opposite my apartment block, but the local council has planted it in various locations between new apartment blocks at the top of my laneway’s steep hill. I bent over and fired off a few shots on the walk home from the local chemist/pharmacy on Monday.   As the bright sunlight was too harsh,… Read More

From the Archives – 13th June 2017 I hate walking along the main road to the nearby Shopping Centre.  (In fact I usually catch a bus, tram or taxi). It’s so boring. The roads. The cars. The car exhaust fumes. The traffic sounds. So back in mid June I set myself a challenge to see how many flowers I could photograph in residential gardens, (or next to footpaths), along the walk.  It… Read More

My potted blueberry is flowering. On re-reading the identification tag from the plant nursery tonight, apparently it produces red flowers during winter. I’ve never grown a blueberry before, let alone in a pot on a west-facing balcony, and was surprised to see the flowers at this time of year. Looks promising for a good crop next Spring/Summer.

I’ve photographed the lovely flowers of this blue Bacopa several times since I planted the seedling some time last year (?).  It has grown so well on my west-facing apartment balcony and was a delight to see every morning when I got up and sat down at my desk (which is facing the window and balcony garden).  A few weeks ago I give all my herbs and flowers a fairly aggressive haircut,… Read More


Last Friday, I finally got back to doing a long walk. The forecast cloud cover faded just after I caught the bus to Footscray Park and the cool wind picked up as I walked through the formal entrance down the steep pathway towards the Maribyrnong River.   When the sun came from behind the clouds, the downhill trek became a real treat.  I love walking in Autumn and Spring with a cool… Read More

From the archives – 15th August, 2016