Living with Nature


I’m like a toddler with a new toy – can’t leave iMovie alone now I’ve worked out how to use it over the weekend, but I really need to go out and shoot some new images/subject matter for Test Run #3. Here’s test run #2……….made after I arrived home from some errands in the city centre this afternoon. I was so engrossed in re-arranging some old images to try and fit the… Read More

From the archives Many years ago, I used to use Picasa software to make collages or Birthday Cards.  I no longer have this software and this morning I discovered its no longer available.  The collage above is one of many I made in the early days of my Photography hobby.   Enjoy………….. 

Saturday was a Duck Day. I’ve been mostly housebound in recent times and somehow never got over to the Royal Botanic Gardens to photograph Autumn. I caught a tram over to Queens Park for a couple of hours on Saturday, but the light was lousy, I couldn’t hold the camera still for long and the wind blew the few flowers around too much to get sharp focus.  Out of a couple of… Read More

Last Friday, I finally got back to doing a long walk. The forecast cloud cover faded just after I caught the bus to Footscray Park and the cool wind picked up as I walked through the formal entrance down the steep pathway towards the Maribyrnong River.   When the sun came from behind the clouds, the downhill trek became a real treat.  I love walking in Autumn and Spring with a cool… Read More

Yesterday was a perfect Autumn Day on my side of the Maribyrnong River. Blue sky and sunshine all throughout the day.  The weather forecast had mentioned fog in the early morning, but of course I arise too late to catch that. Only the occasional light fluffy cloud wafted around on the cool breeze, which makes for a delightful day to spend outdoors. Mid morning, I’d been sitting at the computer reading a… Read More