AUTUMN IN THE DANDENONG RANGES (east of Melbourne’s outer suburbs)

From the archives

18th May 2014

These trees would be mainly English and European trees planted in this small park.   The late afternoon sun was still present at the start of this series, but later, just before we left, the light had mostly gone.


From the archives – 5th March, 2012 – 7.41am DST (that is 8.41 am in actual time).

I can’t imagine what possessed me to get up this early in the morning as I am not a morning person.   I must have set my alarm clock – a rare thing indeed after having to take early retirement.

I must have got up very early and walked down towards the main road leading south out of Melbourne City to get these shots.

Since I’ve closed my Sunrise, Sunset (and clouds that come in between) blog and am no longer posting there, they have to be uploaded to this blog to share online.   So March was early Autumn – a time when Melbourne experiences some of its beautiful sunrises and sunsets.


From the archives……

28th May, 2013

We’ve had rain every day (and often overnight) for about 10 days now and the forecast for next week  looks like it’s going to continue.

None of my cameras are waterproof and with the massive task of setting up a new Photo Library, it’s been a good time to work indoors.

Unlike when I lived next to the Royal Botanic Gardens 4 years ago, where there were lots of sun shelters and a couple of restaurants, there is no shelter from the rain or strong winds walking along the river behind my current apartment block, so even light rain showers prohibit walking outdoors with a camera.

Not that I can complain about the inclement weather (it plunged down to 11C degrees the other day), we badly need our dams and water reservoirs filled after such a dry Summer here in Melbourne.


I was ‘cruising’  through my archives last night looking for Autumn.

The image below, made in the nearby Pipemaker’s Park in Maribyrnong, is probably my all-time favourite image.

Made on the 13th April, 2017, mid-afternoon, it was one of those right time, right place images in which the brilliant Autumn afternoon sun back-lit some of the Autumn Leaves on this old arbor perfectly.

Colonial Garden, Pipemaker’s Park, Maribyrnong

I have literally hundreds of Autumn leaf images so here’s a select few.  I’ll include a few more in the next post.