Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower
 Albert Camus
Despite the gusty wind and overcast day yesterday, I couldn’t help but admire the Japanese Maple leaves tossing around above my balcony fence.  Thank goodness the dead branch is on the other side of the tree next to the road and I can barely see it from my desk chair.
I sat and watched the leaves in lazy silence as I ate my lunch at my desk.   Who could resist getting the camera out and making a few images.   For a change, I didn’t actually worry whether the results were in focus or not.   I just enjoyed the tangle of colour as the wind picked up speed, died down, and then picked up and raced faster than ever down my steep cliffside short road.
The Fairy-wrens and House Sparrows are out in great numbers today and I’m hoping the sun will stay out and give me an opportunity to get out in the fresh air.   Hard to believe Winter is on the horizon and the last 3 months of Autumn have flown by in a haze of TV News and mostly deserted streets.
I feel as though I’ve missed Autumn altogether this year.
I came across this sunset captured in early Autumn – 3rd March 2018 BC (before construction across the road) as I looked back to see what was happening the same time in previous years.
It never ceases to amaze me how one minute the sunset is gold and orange and next minute……..pink, mauve, blue or purple…….in the same night.
SUNSET up on the clifftop opposite my apartment balcony – 3rd March, 2018