Wild storms…..thunder, lightening & heavy floods in Queensland and NSW a couple of days ago.

Hail the size of golf-balls and so heavy it looked like snow in some parts of Melbourne and gusty wind so strong, lots of emergency calls to the authorities.  Also, flash-flooding and trees downed.   A couple of large office windows fell out of skyscrapers in the city which must have scared the $#%@ out of shoppers and office workers, but thankfully no one hurt that I’ve heard of so far.   I need to catch the next lot of TV news…….

But then the wonderful heavy rain.  Deep soaking rain. In the country AND here in the suburbs –   2 days ago and hopefully again tomorrow.

A few quick shots at dusk tonight when I realized my loungeroom was lit up by a weird colour.   Sorry about the mundane subject, but I wasn’t dressed to go further outdoors or out the back of my apartment block to see what I could see of the river valley and city.  (Ehrrr, actually I was in my PJs  😀 ).

The sky was actually fairly blue at one stage yesterday.

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