From the archives – 5th October, 2014

This image is from that old USB stick I found the other week.   Out of the 3000 images on the USB, there are many that were deleted from my old 2012 Mac Pro laptop Photo Library, OR just a double of what I have on my current 2019 iMac desktop.   I can’t seem to un-do the editing on any of these images and I’d like to un-crop this one to see what was on the top/bottom of the original image.  Quite clearly I cropped about 1/3 off it for the image to be this size and shape.

It was obviously made in deep shade (in the Rhodendron area of the Royal Botanic Gardens) and the flowers such a beautiful mauve that I thought the flower lovers among you might like to see it.

I haven’t been back to the Royal Botanic Gardens since I moved to the western suburbs, but I often wonder what changes the RBG garden staff have made in my absence.   I can’t help but wonder how this year’s weird summer weather has affected the current flower beds also.