RED FLOWERING GUM (Corymbia ficifolia)

When I came home from the shops yesterday, I noticed the Red Flowering Gum, about 50 feet up the hill from my front door, was in bloom.

This is one of the most commonly planted ornamental trees in the broader Eucalyptus family and is a real stunner.   One website listed 9 varieties in this brilliant, relatively small, bush species.   They even listed an orange one which I’ve never seen.

I deliberately took one photo with the vast empty field in the background as it was so dry it was almost white a month ago, and after the heavy rain we’ve had recently, is surprisingly green on the ground surface.

I heard a rustling and thought there was a bird in one of the branches, but despite the leaves moving, couldn’t see a single feather.   I imagine it was a Rainbow Lorikeet as they love the nectar.


I instantly thought back to the brilliant colour of the Coral Trees in the Royal Botanic Gardens near where I used to live 5 years ago (below).   Their nectar invited so many Rainbow Lorikeets and despite the close proximity to the walking path, it was easy to get photos of the flowers and birds.