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17th February 2011

White Begonias – The Conservatory, Fitzroy Gardens

This post has to be more than one photo so you see the whole indoor setting.  My SIL had lent me this Canon EF-S 55-250mm f/4-5.6 IS lens for a month.   It made some lovely images, especially considering I’d only had a DSLR for about 2 months and wasn’t well versed on how to use a DSLR, especially exposure, composition and so on.


The Conservatory in the Fitzroy Gardens, East Melbourne, is a relatively easy walk from Melbourne’s CBD, but I usually visited from the opposite side via a bus I caught from the south-east of Melbourne city (where I lived at that time next to the Royal Botanic Gardens).


The Conservatory has 5 exhibits per year.   One for each season and an extra one.   Always best to check before setting out as it’s closed for several days to prep each seasonal display.   If you hang around my blog for a while, you’ll see some more photos while I’m doing this photo a day from my archives.

….and here’s the setting down one of the indoor paths for Summer 2011.   The path through the Conservatory has a little stream going through it and gravel paths, so with the crowds of tourists at certain times of the day and the loose gravel, don’t bother taking a tripod.   You have to shoot hand-held and seriously………try to miss the tourist buses & crowds.

Begonias at the summer display at the Conservatory – Fitzroy Gardens, MELBOURNE

….and a shot from the outside looking in which is far more to my taste.

Looking through the Conservatory window, Fitzroy Gardens, MELBOURNE

As you can see there are plants cascading down from hanging pots and don’t be surprised if the sprinklers come on during the daytime.