From the archives 18th March, 2011

As I was looking through the images on the old USB stick I found the other week, I found so many old flower photos I couldn’t remember taking and this was one of them.

I’d never heard of the common name Windflower before.   I’d only ever used the name Anemone or Japanese Anemone.

They’re such a delicate flower and wave about wildly in the wind – hence the common name I guess.  With the Royal Botanic Gardens being the windy location where I took this photo, I’m surprised I actually got it in focus.  Then I noticed the image was made with my little old Canon A3000 IS Point & Shoot  – the first camera I bought after I had to take early retirement in 2010.   I might have had it on the Auto setting.

Nothing like a little Point & Shoot to start you off in Flower Photography.   They’re so easy to use.