AUSTRALIAN WOOD DUCK (Chenonetta jubata) – female juvenile

This young Australian Wood Duck caught my eye as I’m gradually re-creating my whole Photo Library and filing system (before exporting it to my new iMac desktop computer).

These medium-large ducks, with their long necks, are very common in the urban landscape, whether it be public parks and gardens, or near my local nature reserve (just behind my apartment building).    While I’ve shared this image before, never hurts to have another look.

The male has a brown head with substantial drooping crest, chestnut-speckled grey breast, grey body and black rump and a relatively small beak.

The female has distinctive white stripes above and below the eye as you can see in the juvenile’s head above.


This blog is taking a break until I have either reviewed every image in my old photo library, deleted the worst and then transferred everything across to my new computer, OR I get outdoors to take some new images (not likely as I’ve been too busy).

I’m currently working on the photo library on my spare hard drive – which is in no particular order – date, location or image number.

They’re all mixed up.  Last month’s photo is next to a 2018 images and so on.

After various attempts and 3 different methods, I have found no easy, quick way to move my images from the old laptop to the new desktop without losing precious photos (or the old filing system with its various folder names).

Some of you may think reviewing thousands of images, one at a time is a ghastly laborious task, but once I made the decision to stop worrying about blogging and blog reading and just concentrate on the task, it’s become a rather strange, but relaxing meditation in Mindfulness.

I just concentrate on the image I’m looking at, make the decision to either keep or delete and neither worry about how many images I’ve done so far, nor how many I have to do in the future. Ten images or ten thousand images.  Makes no difference.

Just concentrating on one image makes everything doable.

The breeze is lovely and cool wafting in my open balcony door and the bird song fills the background (despite the construction crew on the building site across the road).

The Sparrows and Fairy-wrens continue to explore my potted plants which I find rather strange as there’s no bird seed scattered about and no fresh shoots to graze on.

Do they start each day thinking about past food offerings and visit my garden in Hope, or have they short-term memory problems like me and forget what they did, or didn’t find, yesterday?

The Autumn weather is absolutely glorious in Melbourne at the moment, but life has been busy with tradesmen arriving to make window alterations, so I have furniture moved and books piled high (out of their shelving) and health issues taking a dive downhill and 2 seperate visits to the local hospital in the last 10 days.   

Despite these interruptions, I have to say the warm sun, minimal traffic noise and soft Autumn breeze, makes every day a good day at the moment.