HOUSE SPARROW (Passer domesticus) – female

It’s rare that I don’t take a photo (or two) every day.

As far as I’m concerned it really doesn’t matter if it’s a good shot or a not-so-good shot.  Its all practice and practice is well worth the effort in Lockdown.

I love the image below.   It was made yesterday when the sun cast a brilliant beam of light on my balcony fence rail and despite the ghostly band of white in the bottom half of the frame (which is actually where a louvred window overlaps the pane below), I think its the face and eye which appeals in this shot.

I’d sprinkled a long row of birdseed on the fence rail in the hope of attracting a few more birds to photograph.  In general, it’s only the House Sparrows that like to snack on it,  but I still get Superb Fairy-wrens flying down to the grey balcony floor tiles and wander around in the hope of something tasty to eat.

I followed one male Superb Fairy-wren around the Japanese Maple branches for a quite a while yesterday, but despite having washed the glass panes of the fence, couldn’t get a clear shot.


It’s still fun and entertaining.


Only 14 new COVID cases in Melbourne in the last 24 hours (and sadly 5 deaths – all in the aged care sector).

We’re well on the way to achieving the goal of 14 straight days of an average of <50 new daily cases in order to drop down a Stage in restrictions on Monday, September 28th.

Only 7 days, 7 hours, 40 minutes and 5 seconds to go – not that I’m counting mind you.  😀


8 thoughts on “HOUSE SPARROW (Passer domesticus) – female

    1. Thanks, Peggy. That expression was the part I liked too. If you look closely you can see the birdseed husk stuck on the corner of it’s mouth, a couple of seeds in its mouth and although blurred, the tongue.

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  1. Lets hope the next week goes well and the trend in declining case numbers. This has been an enormous effort by the people of Melbourne, the rest of the country is so proud of you all and Dan.

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    1. Thanks – it hasn’t been easy, even for someone like me who has mainly been housebound for the last 18 months.
      Still, the hairdressers (in the city) won’t be open until the end of October. I’ve gone out by taxi for medical stuff and a couple of trips to the radiographers, but mainly relied on supermarket home delivery each week (before it was every 2-3 weeks). I feel sorry for the families that are used to seeing grandparents (or the elderly) regularly. Nursing home residents depend on family and social interaction.


  2. The photo of the bird with the tidbit stuck to its beak is charming. This morning, I discovered one good reason to allow millet husks to remain overnight before sweeping them up. There was an absolutely clear trail, about an inch wide and two feet long, through the middle of the seed leavings. There wasn’t any slime, so it wasn’t a snail or slug, and no earthworm is that large. I do believe I have a snake visiting me at night!

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    1. Wow! A snake? That would be amazing.
      No doubt I’ll have a mess to sweep/clean today from the birdseed I left, but I’ve noticed in the last week, a larger/fatter lump of bird poop beside the Sparrow//Wren small ones, so I think I have a larger bird landing on the fence overnight or early morning before I get up.
      Have heard very loud cooing yesterday which I think is a Spotted Turtle-dove which I’m seen in the past.

      Might be worth staying up late one night and seeing if you can spot the culprit leaving the long trail in your seed?

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