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Brighton Beach is a bayside beach to the south of Melbourne well known for its iconic colourful bathing boxes.

…….and if you start the following YouTube from the beginning, you’ll have a soundtrack to accompany your viewing of the series below.   It’s just a random track I chose which had a nice balance of sounds from waves to seagull cries.


Obviously, these images were taken on different days with varying sky and weather conditions (and probably different cameras & lenses – I didn’t actually check before I put this series together).   Also, different seasons of the year as you can see from the figure’s clothing.


Cold, windy and snow down to 1000 metres for this weekend, according to the weather forecast a couple of days ago.   Should be good weather for snow and skiing up in the alpine regions now we’re heading for the end of winter.

But with the current strict lockdown in Melbourne’s second COVID wave and the inability to venture more than 5 kms from your home (without good reason or permit), I don’t think anyone’s going anywhere.

Still, the COVID outlook is good with our second wave virus numbers going from 725 new cases per day a couple of weeks ago…… down to 182 today.   Sadly, there are still deaths each day – 13 yesterday –  mainly in the aged care sector, but they seem to fluctuate.

With genome tracing and contact tracking, the Health Department can trace this 2nd wave to hit Melbourne, from a Hotel Quarantine outbreak.   Gosh, it’s amazing what science can do these days isn’t it?   I was fascinated with this way of tracing where the original 2nd wave of COVID came from.

Department of Health and Human Services epidemiologist Charles Alpren has confirmed the state’s deadly second wave is attributable to outbreaks at the Rydges on Swanston and Stamford Plaza hotels.

“Approximately 99 per cent of current cases of COVID-19 in Victoria have arisen from Rydges or Stamford,” Dr Alpren told the state’s hotel quarantine inquiry on Tuesday.

“However, I cannot be very precise in the number or proportion to have arisen from each outbreak separately.

“It is likely that the large majority – I said in my statement approximately 90 per cent or more – of COVID-19 infections in Victoria can be traced to the Rydges Hotel.”

Dr Alpren said the Rydges outbreak started with a family of four returned from overseas on May 9 and went into hotel quarantine where they developed symptoms over the next few days.

They were moved to the Rydges on May 15 when they were all displaying symptoms.

By May 18, all four had tested positive.

Only 1 new case in the state of New South Wales (to the north) yesterday, so their outbreak cluster has been successfully traced and (almost) contained and several other states of Australia have no current cases at all.   But an outbreak cluster has occurred in the state of Queensland in the last 24 hours.

So Stage 4 mandatory mask-wearing (on leaving your home) in Melbourne & suburbs in Victoria, an evening curfew from 8.00pm – 5.00am (e.g. to stop young folk going out and partying), staying within a 5km distance from your home, social distancing and (with most small stores and businesses closed) and so on, seems to be working.   Only food shopping (by one household member per day), essential workers, carers, no more than one hour’s exercise (near your home – no driving to a park or down the beach) etc are reasons to leave your home.  Rural areas are only at Stage 3,  but there have been outbreaks in 4 rural cities.

We have another 4 weeks (out of 6)  to go before the rules might change.

The fines for breaking the rules are heavy.   One man came up with the excuse for his rule break as…….”there’s no good surf near my home”.    Another night-time curfew break revealed his excuse as……..”I ran out of cigarettes and had to go to the shops”.   That packet of cigarettes cost him thousands of dollars in fines – expensive habit (and lack of planning on his part methinks).

The rain has briefly stopped, the brisk wind has picked up and the sun is trying very hard to break through the clouds at the moment – midday Saturday morning.   But with the temperature outdoors 11C  (52F) and my own temperature fluctuating, I’m not going anywhere.

Oh…….and I have become addicted to YouTube but am restricting my new addiction to 1-2 hours per day so that addiction is ‘contained & being well-managed’ too.  😀