KANGAROO PAW (Anigozanthos species)

Looking through my various flower folders this morning, I came across the Kangaroo Paw (Anigozanthos species and hybrids) and didn’t remember sharing any of these images before.   Maybe I’ve just forgotten but here are a selection for the new(er) followers.

Kangaroo Paw is one of Australia’s iconic flowers with the flowers being highly distinctive and their finger-like projections and cover of fine velvet hairs giving the flowers their colour.

They’re an immensely popular garden plant across Australia (and around the world).

It’s the floral emblem of the state of Western Australia and there are 12 species, with the 12th being particularly striking because of its black and green flowers.

In the wild, the colours range from red and green through various shades of reds and yellows through to the black & green of Macropidia fuliginosa.

The images below were made with various cameras and lenses and differing light conditions and locations.    I prefer the varieties with fewer blooms and to photograph them as they are just opening (as lots of flowers on a plant can look a little ‘busy’ for photography purposes).