GALAH (Cacatua roseicapilla)

Back to the archives for today’s post.

I was looking/listening to bird calls on YouTube late last night and came across one that highlighted 10 of the most beautiful cockatoos in the world and was surprised to discover that 8 of them came from Australia.

It reminded me of the Galahs I have seen in my urban location.   They’re seen in huge flocks in the countryside from just about anywhere in Australia and I daresay country-living folk take them for granted, but for me, a sighting near my home is an absolute delight.

I’ve only seen them twice grazing on the grass in a small park between my home and the local shopping centre.

Fortunately, both times, I’ve had my small, lightweight Sony a6000 ‘mirrorless’ camera in my shopping trolley.

I saw about 20 in a small flock and couldn’t resist a few photos.   (my heavy long 150-500mm lens and DSLR is too large/heavy to take on shopping expeditions), but on this occasion, I managed to slowly creep quite close before one Galah saw me and the whole flock took off to the other side of the park.

I sill managed to get a fairly decent shot from that distance as they lined up in a row – obviously this is a cropped image below.

I shared these images last year, but in these restricted times when outings are at a minimum, no harm in sharing again for the new followers.

And the YouTube I was watching is below.   I found the video a bit long to be honest but watched it to the end anyway.