GRAPE HYACINTH (Muscari armeniacum)

GRAPE HYACINTH (Muscari armeniacum)

I first saw this tiny blue flowering plant on a corner flower bed in a residential garden on my route to my office back in my working life.   (I worked across the road from the Royal Botanic Gardens in Melbourne for the benefit of new followers).  I loved its delicate tiny blue flowers and used to look for it each Spring.

When I bought a camera and took up Photography as a hobby in May 2010 after taking early retirement, it was one of the early flower images I was pleased to capture.

The image above date back to 22nd August 2012 and after reading about it this morning I delayed my offline tasks and decided to share it.


As an aside, I spent ages over the weekend making a copy of a couple of seascapes and converting that copy to Black & White for my other blog.   I must have spent an hour editing them and creating what looked like a pen & wash type of image.   I also re-edited a whole series of images made down at St Kilda Beach and Boat Marina in July 2012, but after a software update in the last couple of days, they’ve completely disappeared – the copies and the edits.

I did the same for a scene showing a Father and 2 children walking along St Kilda pier.  That is……making a copy of the colour image first and then converting it to Black & White and editing the copy (leaving the original in colour).

Now, the colour version has completely disappeared so I’m left with a B & W version that won’t reset back to colour since the software update.

Actually, none of my B & W images will revert back to colour since I bought a new computer and had the latest software installed last year.   After buying an Apple Mac Pro back in 2012 I used to always be able to revert images or retain editing after software updates.

Has anyone else done an Apple Catalina software update in the last couple of days and found images changed or disappeared?   The photo library which I’ve had trouble with since I bought a new desktop computer and updated to Catalina software in May 2019 drives me crazy anyway.   The worst problem is the images freezing within minutes of opening the library each morning and the only way to resolve it to log off and reboot the computer…….sometimes many times in the one morning.   There is nothing wrong with the rest of my Catalina software.   Only my photo library and ability to edit images.  It’s version 10.15.4


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  1. I know precious little about Macs, but one thing I always do, is save a photo by another name before doing any editing. That way the original stays safe and retrievable.

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    1. That’s what I did Candice. The original was completely separate which is what I don’t understand. It’s not as though it was new software either (which can be risky I’ve discovered).
      If it was just one image, we might assume I made a mistake, but not a whole series PLUS 2 B & W conversions. It’s almost like a whole afternoon’s editing disappeared and the computer has gone back to last week’s series. Then there is the different mistake. Having a colour original and a black & white version and it was the original which disappeared, not the edited B & W..

      Maybe I should just go back to sanding the table 🙂 I can only do repetitive back and forth sanding for a certain amount of time and then my Fibromyalgia pain kicks in and I have to change activities for a wee while. At least the sanded half of the table doesn’t disappear overnight LOL 😀

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    1. That’s the good part about photos – they capture a moment in time to view for eternity (now, who said that?).

      I walked past this tiny corner garden plot every morning and evening for 16 1/2 years and somehow it always seemed to look different. Not sure whether the owner planted the Grape Hyacinth or it was self-sown.


    1. Thanks anyway, Peggy. I actually said to another blogger that I was uploading a couple of Black & White conversions and now they’re gone. They were originally taken down at St Kilda Beach.

      (As I said to Candice, I should have just stuck to sanding the table. Maybe I’ll watch a movie and do the ironing for a break from sanding. I should never have turned the computer back on 😀 )

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  2. Love the grape hyacinth.
    If the files were saved to your Mac try to use finder to find them. They maybe still there but not listed in your software. I do tech support and Mac users are not always sure where their files are physically. It has something to do with the way Macs and finder work.
    My workflow is to shoot in RAW as the master file. Then import the files into Lightroom to a chosen location on my computer. Next I edit them in Lightroom, which makes a side car file for the RAW file containing the edits. I can always revert back to the unedited version. I export my edited RAW file to a Tiff file to preserve my edits and for my archives, and export to smaller jpgs for online. After a shoot and post process I do a manual backup to 3 backup drives using Beyond Compare (for Mac too).
    I used to lose image files too until I changed how I did things.

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    1. Thanks so much for your suggestions, Sherry.

      I’ll check it out in Finder. Unfortunately, I found out long ago Raw took up too much room in my day’s shooting although I don’t shoot 500-600 images in an afternoon now I’m not able to go out walking 🙂 Since I’m re-uploading old images, they’ll just have to be in jpeg. I don’t use Lightroom (or Photoshop) or other editing software since my short-term memory has deteriorated further but I do appreciate your help.

      It just seemed to much co-incidence for an original and a copy (in which I reverted to B & W a couple of days ago) in which I had a great edited image to share that suddenly disappeared……not just one image either. I’ll check Finder.

      I’ve found some things you can see and do in Finder through the icon on the left side of my screen is different from Finder at the top of the page. Same with System Preferences (on the left icon and the top of the screen bar).

      I try to keep everything as simple as possible, due to intermittent Brain Fog from my Fibromyalgia & CFS. I can no longer multi-task either. My brain is affected by neuroinflammation and this is part of a number of reasons why I had to retire early in 2010. Anyway, I’ll check Finder 🙂

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