……and here ends the theme of a photo a day from my archives (while in lockdown).

So what’s next you may well ask.  Probably some more photography, but not necessarily sharing every day.  I might even set up a new website as I quite enjoy changing themes and layouts and I have some new B & W images to upload to my old B & W site which I haven’t used in nearly 12 months.

I have some offline tasks to do also.   I’ve finished rejuvenating my TV table and now about to start on my dining table which got damaged in the apartment move 3 1/2 years ago and I’ve never found the time to repair the surface.

Tomorrow, some of our restrictions in my state of Victoria, Australia, are being eased and we enter a new stage of restrictions – a little looser than the last 3 months, but still keeping up social distancing and encouraged to work from home if it suits. Hopefully, some shops will re-open as I have a long shopping list.

From the archives

8th July 2012

SILVER GULL (Larus novaehollandiae)

8 thoughts on “# A PHOTO A DAY KEEPS THE DOCTOR AWAY – Day 45

    1. Same shot, Linda. Now it’s Autumn here, I thought it might be a nice header, despite the portrait orientation which makes it overly large for a header image.

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    1. Thanks Peggy. I also have a fair bit of paper to throw out. I’ve had my shredder and a small pile of personal documents next to my desk for over a week now. The rest I have to re-read to see if I really want to keep those articles I printed off 10 years ago. Methinks I’ve started doing too many things off the ‘to do’ list and it’s become a chore to stop and look for an image every day (as short a task as that might seem). And once you clear the top of a piece of furniture and place it on the plastic floor protection sheet, you just want to get the job done. I need to go to Bunnings to get some more fine sandpaper too.

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  1. Things are easing up here too, dropping to Level 2 next Thursday. We are very hopeful that there won’t be any sudden spikes and plan on remaining extremely cautious. Good luck over there too!

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    1. Yes, I just heard your PM talking on the tv news, Gary.

      I think the immediate future really depends on the community being sensible and proactive about social distancing far into the future and staying home if they’re in the least bit unwell. No more going out even if you have the ordinary flu or a cold or fever. I don’t think this virus will go away, merely become under control (IF we all learn a new way of living and social/work interaction).

      I got the flu in the epidemic in 2004 in Melbourne (before all my heart and severe health conditions were actually diagnosed), but only got a health certificate for 2 weeks off work from my GP, then I had to go back to work, but I coughed continually for another 2 weeks. That type of situation has to be averted (for example).

      Maybe architecture, interior decoration and building construction needs to allow far more space around workers and shoppers…….far into the future? Maybe cafes & restaurants need more space between tables (permanently) is another example. Maybe our Governments need to divert more funds into supporting workers, the homeless and hospitals far into the future too. For example, my local public hospital has (literally) no pillows in their emergency dept – every time I go I need to request pillows from another department or some sort of neck support due to the deterioration in my cervical spine. Fancy being kept in hospital overnight without a pillow. Sounds petty. But in my case, it’s essential.

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