From the archives – 5th October, 2014

This image is from that old USB stick I found the other week.   Out of the 3000 images on the USB, there are many that were deleted from my old 2012 Mac Pro laptop Photo Library, OR just a double of what I have on my current 2019 iMac desktop.   I can’t seem to un-do the editing on any of these images and I’d like to un-crop this one to see what was on the top/bottom of the original image.  Quite clearly I cropped about 1/3 off it for the image to be this size and shape.

It was obviously made in deep shade (in the Rhodendron area of the Royal Botanic Gardens) and the flowers such a beautiful mauve that I thought the flower lovers among you might like to see it.

I haven’t been back to the Royal Botanic Gardens since I moved to the western suburbs, but I often wonder what changes the RBG garden staff have made in my absence.   I can’t help but wonder how this year’s weird summer weather has affected the current flower beds also.

10 thoughts on “RHODODENDRON

  1. The gardens look in great shape, we went Australia Day with our dog and spent a good 4 hours there…I hadn’t been for years. The roses had finished the current bloom but the perennial border with the dahlias looked fab. Hope you are well

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    1. Good to hear, Lisa. I guess the large water catchment in Guilfoyle’s Volcano at the south-east end of the Gardens would keep much of that area well-watered. The Perennial Border was always re-planted each year to be at it’s best flowering in mid January, so it’s good to hear the weather hadn’t affected that flower bed too.

      Yes, I’m well at the moment thank you, Lisa. Still mostly housebound with the lower spine and right hip osteoarthritis, knee/ankle pain etc, but am enjoying looking through my photos archives at the moment. Some days I get a bit of ‘cabin fever’ in my small studio apartment, but I still have a lovely green outlook, so I can’t complain. Some modern apartment buildings have no view at all.

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  2. Those are a beautiful color. Sometimes shade is just the thing for creating a different and pleasing impression.

    Speaking of sunlight and shade, after two and a half months in my new place, the sun’s moved far enough north that my patio gets a bit of sunlight early mornings. And, in the afternoons, there’s about a half hour that I get sunlight inside my apartment — the sun hits the windows of the building across from me, and bounces in. It’s going to be interesting to track it during the next few months. I may be getting more sunlight for at least half of the year than I expected. Of course, right now the trees don’t have leaves, and that makes a difference. But in the height of summer, the shade they provide will be good.

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    1. Actually, many of my early images are a little darker (than they should be) and it’s not because they were shot in the shade, I suspect it’s because I edited them slightly that way. My old unrenovated apartment on that side of Melbourne was very, very dark from a large tree, but delightfully cool in the hotter months.

      Sounds like you’ll experience lots of changes in your first 12 months in the new home. But good shade in summer makes a difference to your comfort that’s for sure.

      Now I’ve experienced floor-to-ceiling windows across a modern apartment, I’m not sure I could go back to small windows in the old-fashioned apartment blocks ever again. I love the light and being able to control it with the roller block-out blinds. No curtains though, so I”m not sure I’ll like everyone in the newly constructed apartment block being able to look right into my living space. I did put up a temporary curtain in the bedroom though.


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