Despite me watering at Dusk each night, my garden has started to really go downhill since the dust storm 10 days (?) ago.   I think it is the dust caked in the pores and furrows on the leaf surface that is having such a detrimental effect.

Yesterday, at 2.56pm DST (daylight savings time), this is what my garden looked like.

  1. The Italian flat-leaf Parsley.

2. The Heirloom Tomatoes and Sweet Basil (this shot was made through the window, hence the blur in the middle of the image below).   About 25% of the tomato leaves higher up (not in the shot) are dead.   No way to resuscitate them.

3. The French Beans…….although I can see from my desk this morning that there are more beans hanging down on the side of the pot to harvest tonight.

4. The Perennial Basil, which is partly in shade in the afternoon.

5. …..and of course my new Sage seedling, with its leaf furrows clogged with red dust still.   Shot taken from my desk hence the reflection from the cloth indoors.  The photo below was made yesterday and I can see this morning, the seedling is about 85% dead, so I will definitely lose that one.

Today, Saturday, it’s rained overnight and brought back all the dust again.   Not as bad as the day of the Dust Storm, but still a very thick layer.

According to the forecast, it’s supposed to rain all day today, but at the moment, midday, the rain showers have been pretty light.   The actual temperature won’t drop until the cool change tonight.

Keep your fingers crossed the rain this weekend and cooler days next week will resuscitate the plants in my garden.    I’ve replaced several Herbs already in the past couple of months due to heat.  The parsley twice.

Another shot of a House Sparrow enjoying the shade and water.