Couldn’t resist sharing this lovely compilation of wildlife images (and music).   Click on the Facebook link to take you to the YouTube to catch the music (which is particularly enjoyable).

When you think of one billion creatures dying in our bushfires, you cannot help but be moved by such loss (and suffering).

Here are just a few of my own little collection of images of Australian Wildlife – some of whom may be affected by the Bushfires….well, definitely the Koalas of which 1/3 of the whole population in Australia may be wiped out……and the Kangaroos and Wallabies……and what of the birds, insects, reptiles and native flora?


ROOM WITH A VIEW (of the sunset)

My Room With a View has changed somewhat since the new tall apartment building over the road has now reached its lofty height and is towering over me.   I don’t know whether its a Feng Shui sort of thing, but it’s now starting to feel a wee bit oppressive (and I’ve lost my privacy having only a cliff face before which was lovely).

Apart from losing about 2 hours of hot sun on a Summer’s evening (which is actually kind of good 🙂 ), my view of the sun sinking below the horizon has totally gone.

Sure there is some sky colour (left), but I miss the sunsets.

I can’t deny it.

There’s something rather magical about sitting at my desk staring out the window, or standing on my balcony, watching the sun go down.

There’s a saying about slowing down and  ‘taking time to smell the roses’ 


I might suggest, you take the time to watch the sun go down also.

In Melbourne, Australia, we get the most extraordinary sunsets (and sunrises, although I’m rarely up to see those).  I’ve travelled through all of the U.K., central Europe and some of South-east Asia in the mid to late 1970s and somehow their sunsets are just not quite the same.   It’s not just a change of the horizon shapes and silhouettes, there’s just something unique about the colours in the sky.   Maybe its something to do with the hole in the ozone layer above our country.   It sure lets in more UV light.  I wonder if it lets in more colour too?

It usually takes some scattered clouds to make a sunset really beautiful.   Here’s a series off my Sunrise, Sunset (and Clouds that Come in between) blog to give new followers an appreciation of what I’m talking about. (That blog has finished now).

The series below was made a few months after I moved to the area on December 14th, 2016, from 7.45pm to 8.33pm.

……..and a short time later…….the end.

The sky is looking a lovely soft pale ‘baby-blue’ today and I just checked the weather report to see if a walk down to the local pond was in order, but it’s going to rain.  Not that rain would stop me going out for a short walk, but I always take cameras and my 150-500mm long telephoto lens which aren’t waterproof when going down to the pond,  so there’s too much risk of getting it all wet.  I also take a hefty dose of painkillers about 45 minutes before I set off for my hip pain (even if my back pain is minimal).

I knew it was going to rain tomorrow but hadn’t noticed that today, Sunday, it was going to rain also.

By the way, all of you around that have been praying for rain, can you tone those prayers down a wee bit.   I know you’ve all prayed so hard and so often for us here in Australia recently.

Southern Queensland and northern New South Wales are flooded and the ball of heavy rain is gradually moving down south.   Our rain in Victoria has been well received and many farmers are (literally) dancing outdoors in the rain (on the TV news).   After 3 years of drought, farmers in some areas are finally getting a taste of the ‘good stuff’.

There are still 70+ bushfires burning in New South Wales, but firefighters are having a chance to backburn some more fire breaks and also some fresher air to breathe.  I haven’t checked the news in the last couple of days in regard to my own state of Victoria.

Firefighters have come from all over the world to help us and for that, we will be eternally grateful.

Here’s an update link on the fires which a blogging friend up in Canberra left on her blog.  I’ll take the opportunity to upload the link on my own nature blog for you.

PS I’m way behind with blog reading, so rather than waste too much time on the computer today, I think I’ll just start afresh next week.