Well, I did it.

I updated from Apple’s Mojave software to the latest software, Catalina (version 10.15.2).

Let’s see if that solves any of my WordPress problems mentioned in a post earlier today.

I know WordPress begins with a ‘W’ and Catalina begins with a ‘C’, but you never know, something positive might have happened.

A miracle might have happened and I’ve had at least 3 miracles happen in the last 35 years.

I believe in Miracles.

In the meantime, here’s a couple of old Waterlily images to fill your inbox.

I’ll be checking all my settings in the next couple of hours.

SPOTTED TURTLE-DOVE (Streptopelia chinensis)

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27th April, 2016

Sorry about chopping off its legs, but the rest of the shot was such a good close-up I couldn’t resist ignoring the ‘delete’ button.

Notice the white feather tuft over its right eye – these tiny details enable me to eventually identify many of the Spotted Turtle-Doves which visited my balcony garden in my previous apartment on the north-east side of Melbourne.

FROM THE ARCHIVES (and a surprise discovery)

I’ve neglected my nature blog in the last couple of weeks for a number of reasons.

Partly, the annoying and rather tedious convoluted way I have to read other blogs and difficulty pressing the LIKE button (or having to re-log on to WordPress every single time I want to make a COMMENT).

This has occurred since Christmas Day (roughly) which set me thinking, do I really want to spend so much time on the computer and WordPress?  Today, I’m feeling more than a wee bit irritated as I catch up with some blog reading.  A couple of other bloggers have mentioned this new annoying little irritant.

I can only assume there must have been a WordPress software upgrade or something as I’ve triple-checked all my WordPress blog settings and nothing’s been changed.   When I transferred to the WordPress Reader yesterday, I realised just how many blogs I’ve signed up for over recent years which don’t appear as an email notification (which I prefer) and I’ve been missing regular posts.

Scrolling with the computer mouse eventually aggravates my wrist and shoulder/neck pain, so the WordPress Reader is not the best option for me (for those about to suggest why I don’t use the WordPress Reader).

Secondly, I’m making some shelving and the building/hardware guy cut the wrong lengths (one by only about 1 1/2 mm on one piece) but it made the whole design I’d done slightly crooked, so I’ve had to take it all apart again.   It’s more a ‘shadowbox’ shape than regular shelving.

Actually, I took it apart about 4 times changing the design in the last 2 days.   I’d deliberately used short nails and no wood glue so I could take it apart if I ever moved again and needed a different size/use/design.   Interestingly, this re-do didn’t annoy me in the least – I actually enjoyed doing something different with my hands for a change.

Thirdly, a few days ago I found an old USB stick at the back of my stationery drawer with over 3000 old photos on it and on a whim, downloaded the whole lot straight to my new(ish) iMac desktop.   I found old (deleted) images, as well as many images I lost when my old Mac Pro 2012 laptop died last Easter when trying to upgrade to the latest Apple software and I had trouble transferring my photo library.

Well, how am I in my ‘technology-challenged’ dotage supposed to know you need more ‘ram’ to do a software update LOL

I lost about 5000 images in that fiasco (background for the benefit of the new followers).

In hindsight, I should have taken my time and actually paid someone to come to my home and work out a way to transfer them direct keeping all their Metadata.   But you know what it’s like when your life involves paying your rent and bills online and being connected to so many websites and people overseas – you just want to get set back up ASAP.

It’s still a mystery to me why one birdshot transferred correctly…….. and 2-3 others of the same bird, taken with the same camera, on the same afternoon’s walk, didn’t transfer.   In the end, I transferred what I could and let the whole issue rise over my head into nothingness.   After all, negative emotions are merely a State of Mind.

It is essential to understand that an emotion is merely something that arises, remains and then goes away. A storm comes, it stays a while, and then it moves away. At the critical moment remember you are much more than your emotions. This is a simple thing that everyone knows, but you may need to be reminded of it: you are more than your emotions.

Thich Nhat Hahn, Healing Pain and Dressing Wounds

I noticed on that old USB stick that there are several shots of the same bird on the same day, so maybe…… just maybe, I’ve managed to score some of my old lost images 🙂

I lost a lot of great photos last May.

But, it seems like I’ve found many of them again on one old USB stick! 🙂

I also found a few images of the little critters like this Ring-tailed Possum sitting on my side fence at midnight.   This was back in the days I lived 5 minutes walk from the Eastern Gate of the Royal Botanic Gardens in Melbourne and worked on the other side of the road of the south-western gate – a meer 15 minutes walk (from home).

Then there are the Protea flower series I made from Melbourne Zoo’s landscaping on the way to the exit one afternoon.   All 3 images are on the old USB – I lost 2 of them in the Archive transfer fiasco – laptop to desktop.

The late afternoon shots I made in the Herb Garden in the Royal Botanic Gardens on the way to the exit each day were on this USB stick too.   Often the Golden Hour.

Anyway, I’ve been enjoying viewing all the images again.  Some of them are fabulous and I’d completely forgotten I’d taken them.

The ones of a couple of walks around Ringwood Lake (our childhood lake walk) with my Father (who passed away aged 93 early December), are a real treasure.

Most of them seem to be pre-2015.

Here’s a sampling (sorry, long-time followers – you’ve seen them all before):

Many taken up at my brother’s property in the country about 6-7 years ago and many more I’d taken at my previous 3rd-floor apartment overlooking the surrounding rooftops on the north-east side of Melbourne.

The river was accessible down a steep path a mere 40-50 metres down from my  ‘back gate’ on the north-eastern side of Melbourne pre-October 2016.

Such a shame I had to move after only about 20 months. The constant ‘false’ fire alarms and walking down 8 flights of stairs with a severe heart condition and old ankle/knee injuries and lower back pain were only one of the reasons which made moving apartments, for the second time in as many years, mandatory.

Waiting in the side lane for the Fire Brigade to tell us it’s only another ‘false’ fire alarm. $%#@!

I’d built up a close relationship with the Spotted Turtle Doves who visited my balcony and eventually I could slowly walk up to add some more seed to their bowl when there were merely 12-18 inches away from my hand.   These Doves had recognisable feather patterns or the odd twisted claw which made the individuals so unique.

Interestingly enough, I’ve lived next to rivers, near nature reserves (or the Royal Botanic Gardens), about 6-7 times in my life.  I didn’t deliberately look for these apartments in these locations.   It just, by sheer good luck, turned out that way.

It will take me ages to put the USB images into folders and identify some of the plant and bird names again as they are mixed up with the other current images – I can remember few of the flower names (having an intermittent short-term memory problem) and living for about 3 years in this western suburb now – not many flowers around here, so I’ve gradually forgotten all that I learned in the Royal Botanic Gardens.

Most of the above is intended for the new followers who don’t know much about my Photography hobby since I had to quit full-time work prematurely in 2010.

Actually, February 12th, this year 2020, is exactly 10 years since I had to quit working due to debilitating chronic pain and ill-health.

There was another life that I might have had,

But I am having this one.

Kazuo Ishiguro

Some might call it really bad luck inheriting health conditions from both sides of my family, debilitating back pain from an undiagnosed/unresolved teenage spinal condition, then 2 lower spine surgeries later in life, ongoing falls/surgery, stress-related conditions and so on, but I like to think of it as freedom to be Me and live my life Mindfully.

Happiness is
in the quiet, ordinary things.
A table, 
a chair, 
a book with a paper-knife stuck between the pages.
And the petal falling from the rose,
and the light flickering
as we sit silent.

Virginia Woolf, The Waves

ROCK DOVES (Columba livia) flying over the rooftops in the Golden Hour.