RAIN & WIND (and even more wind)

The rain has been giving life (and growth) to most of my balcony garden recently.  I just hope the farmers in the countryside have been getting some of it.   At least I haven’t had to cart heavy watering cans so much.

But the wind has stripped all the rest of the Blueberry flowers, (apart from the blooms that have dropped off naturally to make way for the fruit themselves), so when the balcony tiles dry up at the end of next week(?), I’ve a fair amount of dead brown flowers to sweep up.

I could be picking some lettuce leaves now, but I’ll leave them a bit longer to ‘flesh’ out and grow some more inner leaves.   They’ve handled the wind pretty well, so maybe they’re in a more sheltered spot.   You can see only one leaf bent down low over the edge of the pot below on the lower right.

There are many French Bean flowers, but only one could be seen without holding the leaves back.   They’re next to the windbreak of the thicky foliaged Blueberry bush.

The Beetroot veggie planter had some foreigners invading, so they got quickly removed.  I assume the toadstools were in the bag of potting soil, but their growth does show how much rain we’ve had too.

Apart from some tiny caterpillars on one of the Asian lettuces, almost too small to be seen with the naked eye, I haven’t seen any of the usual pests such as Cabbage Moth caterpillars or Harlequin bugs.   It was only the tiny holes in the leaves that alerted me to the pests.

Perhaps it’s the heavy rain and wind keeping them at bay?    I’ve been expecting a visit any day now.

The only greenery growing vigorously, undisturbed by the wind, is the Peace Lily indoors (below).

It has 6 flowers at the moment, but a bit hard to get them all in the frame.  The image below is the best out of about 20 shots.   I only repotted it about 5-6 weeks ago (for the 3rd time) and it could almost do with an even larger pot already, as its growing at such a rapid rate.

Half the Sorrel plant……normally so lush and green (below).

…..has had half its leaves broken at the base of the stems in yesterday’s wind.    To give you an idea of what I’ve been watching, here’s an image of the Sorrel & Lemon Verbena being tossed crazily around, back & forth, up & down (and ever way in between), below.

Obviously, I’ve reduced the shutter speed down to 1/25 to capture the movement in the image. But this gives you an idea of how ferocious the wind has been and at that shutter speed, it clearly captures how vigorous the wind gusts have increased.   At one stage I thought my whole balcony garden would be demolished.

As to the rest of the garden, well 3 Tuscan Kale leaves have broken off at the base of their stems and the baby spinach is going a bit yellow.   I’ve bought the Tarragon & Viola pots back indoors as the wind was really too much for them.

Perhaps I’m exaggerating a wee bit, but I don’t think I’ve seen such strong wind for so many days in a row, before.    And the whistling sound indoors is reminiscent of a winter arctic storm.

No kidding.    This is the second modern multi-storey apartment building I’ve lived in where the wind whistling sound is magnified.

Reducing the shutter speed down to between 1/20, 1/25 (handheld) or 1/50 (handheld, but normally gives sharp focus), you can see what I’ve been watching from the comfort of my desk chair indoors.

Yes, it has been THAT windy.

……and finally, the wind dropped a bit more on the Japanese Maple side closest to shelter (still at a shutter speed of 1/50 which usually gets everything in focus on a calm day).

……and the tomatoes are still hanging on for their very lives. The image below was shot when there was almost no wind at dusk, at a shutter speed of 1/50.

…..and I have been stuck indoors doing Spring Cleaning or watching the World Movie channel on TV, so not much to relate at all.

How’s your week been?