BC (Before Construction) work across the road.

From the archives – 21st January 2018.

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    1. I often use the term BC to mean Before Camera, but I quite like your version of BCE. I’m just having breakfast (at my desk) and browsing my archives looking for some inspiration for my next post and I’m compelled to admire the old cliff face before construction.

      I thought it was empty, but it really wasn’t.

      It was almost a sheer vertical cliff face but covered in weeds, a few small bushes and the like. It seems so long ago that I hunted through the weeds with the long 150-500 lens looking for birdlife. Now, I almost resent the presence of the new building as it climbs up into the sky above me and takes over. It’s almost like an ogre towering over me, growing more ‘ogre-ish’ day by day.

      I just can’t quite see it in a positive way except that it provides jobs for many (in its construction). It provides homes that are affordable in this area. The reality is that life is ever-changing and nothing is permanent and that………is the reality in all our lives. I should just accept it and move on.

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      1. Well, all of us know how difficult it can be to “accept and move on.” But, I’ve known a couple of people who were absolutely insistent on remaining stuck in the past, and that wasn’t any more attractive than the orgre you’re facing. I’d say you’re doing rather well — and those of us facing similar situations admire you for it!

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    1. It certainly has, Peggy. I think part of my resentment to its presence is the way it grows in height and will eventually block some light at dusk too. My apartment and the immediate one beside me fall into shadow way before the rest of the building in the afternoon. I really don’t want the light cut out any more than that which was here when I moved in 3 years ago. It may be very hot in Summer, but it’s the light that keeps my spirits up and turns the front half of my apartment into a sense of ‘outside inside’ (if you know what I mean).

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    1. So am I Eliza. I never realised how tall this new building was going to be. Somehow, I thought it would just be level with the townhouses along the side road.
      I’m super-sensitive to layout and design in homes, a sort of natural Feng Shui, and I’m beginning to feel a wee bit claustrophobic with the high building towering over me. I probably feel more overwhelmed by the height as I’m home most days and I feel as though it’s restricting the avian life.

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