10 thoughts on “NESTING – an on-the-spot news flash

    1. It IS exciting, Linda. The House Sparrows nest in the eaves of my apartment building, but I can’t be sure exactly where. Probably up near the top (6th) floor.

      I have more exciting news to share – new bird sighting in the Japanese Maple and it’s been frantically flying all around the foliage and branches for nearly 3 hours now. Post to come.

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    1. It is a real thrill to catch them in focus (before they fly off ๐Ÿ™‚ ), Cindy. Right timing with the lens cap off the telephoto lens and the barrel zoomed right out AND one focus point set (out of the nine). Perfect timing.


    1. Aren’t we lucky to see such wonderful bird habits, Peggy.

      When you say the birds love the shop shelving, I’m not sure whether the shelves are dark, easy to get to or what ๐Ÿ˜€

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      1. The shelves are easy to get to and the wrens build their nests behind things. The adult wrens come through openings near the roof and the rafters of the shop building. They seem so unafraid of us and we get to watch the baby wrens grow. They have raised many little groups of baby wrens in my husband’s shop for over 10 years now. We once had a batch of 5 babies at once from one set of adult parents. So exciting.

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