yand Well, after saying I don’t often share fellow bloggers websites, here’s another link today.

Tin Man Lee is one of my favourite nature photographers and although he doesn’t post very often – (maybe only every couple of months, or is it every 3 months?) – he is well worth following if you love nature photography.

Check out the stunning fox images he posted last night.   They’re absolutely gorgeous.

If you enjoy his nature photography, he is well worth following and as he posts rarely – usually after a photography trip – your inbox doesn’t get overwhelmed with too many posts/emails.

Absolutely gorgeous Spring day outdoors today and not a cloud to spoil the rich blue sky.

Anyway, I’ve got 3 lovely Spring days this week according to the weather forecast, so time to get outdoors today and get those lettuces, rocket and beans planted.

But I WILL have to go back to the plant nursery first and get some more potting soil  😀

(PS. p.m. yes, I DID get to the plant nursery and bought the potting soil so all’s well with Vicki’s garden and the new seedlings). 

Did I mention, I’m going to try growing beans this year?

I’ve got the 3 new tomato plant varieties in their pots and staked, more mint & parsley, 8 beetroot seedlings (as I love their tiny leaves in a salad), Japanese salade greens, baby spinach (and some more large spinach to plant) so that’s a good start.  I haven’t taken any good photos of the balcony garden recently, so here’s a selection from Spring/Summer 2017 (to whet your appetites if you live in an apartment with a sunny balcony).

Note: I don’t have many flowers at the moment as I’m gradually giving over space to growing more herbs and leafy green veggies.



17 thoughts on “THE FOXES

  1. I suppose it depends on if you’re planning another o/s holiday? 🙂

    I bought the rest of the potting soil today and got all my lettuces, rocket etc planted. Only have to re-pot the blueberry into the larger pot tomorrow and I’ll see if I can get some photos to inspire you. Gosh, my garden sure is large this year. I’ll be most interested to see if/how the beans grow and what my 3 new tomato varieties taste like.

    But that’s months off yet.

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    1. Yes, it is. Peggy’s not a common name in Australia either, but then you’re both American, aren’t you 🙂

      (Apparently, Vicki is very common in Greece, not so much in Australia)

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    1. Yes, the mornings are frosty and very cold, but the daytime yesterday, today and tomorrow is lovely. Took a few photos of ‘spring’ on the way to the plant nursery yesterday and will upload them.

      There is so much new growth on my plants so the soil must have started to warm up.

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