I rarely post links to other people’s blogs or websites, but if you’re interested in ‘The Northern Lights’ (Aurora Borealis) do check out the superb captures on Ian A Johnson’s overnight post here

The landscapes towards the end of his current post are stunning.

Most people photograph the sky’s light show, but Ian has also included some landscapes/seascapes and I think they’re the best I have ever seen online.


5 thoughts on “THE NORTHERN LIGHTS

    1. I have to be honest and say I’ve never heard of the Southern Lights, Tanja. I imagine you’d have to be closer to the Antarctic? I would have thought that the city lights of Melbourne would have precluded me from seeing them.

      Just Googled Southern Lights and apparently, they can be seen in my state. I’m not normally outdoors at night these days and certainly never travel far. Don’t know if anyone has seen them in the countryside or mountains at night.

      The Best Places to See the Southern Lights
      Queenstown, New Zealand.
      Mount Wellington, Tasmania.
      Victoria, Australia.
      Antarctica & South Georgia Island.

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      1. I imagine that one would have to get away from the light pollution of the big cities in order to see them.
        Having seen the Northern Lights, I have always thought it would be special to see their southern equivalent, too. Maybe one of these days.

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