Now that the new apartment construction (over the road) blocks my view of the sunset, I’ve started focusing more on my view to the right of my apartment balcony.

I just catch a small strip of trees between the building at the top of my road/hill and my own apartment building facade.

Wednesday night I made 3 images of the scene.   Not so much colour – more…… storm clouds.

…….and last night, we moved from the beautiful Spring weather the week before, back to Winter again for the weekend (according to the weather forecast).

So that was the focus of my photography shooting practice yesterday.   I had to stay home anyway as my plant and bags of potting soil were being delivered from the previous day’s outing to the Plant Nursery.

I practice shooting every single day.

You can never get too much practice – whether you’re an amateur photographer like me, or a professional photographer.   If you can’t get outdoors for a nature walk, photograph whatever you can see from your window.

If the weather is terrible, photograph the terrible weather.

Or photograph something indoors – anything, everything – it’s all good practice.

Bunch of lilies in a vase (indoors)

I find shooting photos of anything and everything and uploading them to a large 27″ screen means I can see what compositions ‘work’ and what doesn’t.

16th November 2017

……and last night, I played around with the lounge window reflections at sunset.

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So you see, there is ‘never nothing going on’ (as Dan Millman said in his book/film Way of the Peaceful Warrior).

There are ‘No ordinary Moments’.

There’s always something happening.


At the moment the seedlings are sitting on a large plastic saucer on my lounge room floor, as, after putting them outdoors yesterday to catch the rain, the young plants were blown wildly about by the wind gusts and intermittent rain showers got a bit too heavy, so I bought them indoors for a few days.

Looks like next Tuesday the rain will have dropped off the radar and I have a mild day for Spring planting.

I’m going to try 3 different Tomato varieties this year.

The plant nursery didn’t have any Sweet Basil to plant around my Tomatoes, so I’ll go back to the store in a couple of weeks when the weather has warmed up again and Sweet Basil supplies are in stock.

Besides, I couldn’t decide what size pots to buy for my pot-bound Blueberry (outdoors) and Peace Lily (indoors).

Next visit I might take my camera again.  One of my shots of the plant nursery uploaded to Google Maps has gained a new personal record of 7101 views.  Unfortunately, that shot and a couple of others were lost in the new iMac computer photo library upload failure.