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    1. Thanks Peggy, but Cooking on page 32 has wordpress before the .com and isn’t a problem. It’s your main site that I have a problem with.

      Since I uploaded this post, another blogger pressed my LIKE button and I went back to his blog (which was a Domain.com blog) and managed to press the LIKE button on his homepage straight away. As soon as a couple of other regulars like yourself post on their main site and I can get into their blog easily, I will post the solution to this particular problem in a new post (because there are a couple of followers who have one of the same problems as me, I think).

      Then on to the other probs. of course LOL. I keep getting logged out of WordPress and have to keep logging back in several times a day which is sooooo tedious. I tried ticking ‘remember my password’ in the hope that might help, but it didn’t……..and my Photo library screen keeps freezing and the only way to get out of it is to re-boot the computer. Now THAT is really wasting time.

      Of course the reason I’m writing about my computer problems online is also to help others who are technology-challenged like me 😀

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      1. You are so good to post about this in the hopes of helping others. If you find a good solution, please let WordPress know what worked for you. Last year, I had an internet connection problem here in Canberra. Took a couple of weeks to get to the source of the problem, Once resolved, I reported the answers/solution to the internet provider and the modem seller. The guy at the modem seller said, more or less, ‘your information has resolved a problem we’ve had for the two years I’ve worked here’. The internet provider said something pretty much the same. If I recall correctly, she said ‘You’ve just solved the problem I have with the next caller’. This was something Canberra specific, but goes to show how it worth letting the businesses know what does and doesn’t work.

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    2. Yes, I just told the WordPress Moderator & other WordPress Staff member that I would let them know the outcome. I won’t know until tomorrow whether I keep getting logged out of WordPress continually or not, but that was a seperate problem.

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  1. I posted last night (my time). Don’t know if that helped, or not. Glad to see you’re making some progress. I think I’d be pulling my hair out by now!!!!

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    1. No, your new post was already read by me before the WordPress moderator replied with a possible solution, thanks Gunta.

      Someone with a Domain.com blog is sure to post in the next day or so.

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  2. Well, how about this for irony: I’ve not posted again on my domain blog because I’ve been without internet service. I still am, and don’t have a tech coming until tomorrow. Even with the new modem I picked up yesterday, I can’t connect my PC, so I’m limited to the iPad for the time being. I’m also pondering the fact that there’s no way I know of (yet) to get my photos from my PC to the iPad to create a post. Hmmmm…. There has to be a way, but I’m going to set that aside for the time being and see if the guru can’t fix me up tomorrow.

    However! I did discover this morning that I couldn’t leave a like on a domain.com blog from this iPad. I’ve consistently left likes on the same blog from my PC. NOW I understand what you’re talking about. I could leave a like from the email which came; I clicked “like” there, and it showed up in the blog.

    I do have a draft post for Lagniappe that I happened to add the photo to already. If I can’t get it up before I go to work this morning, I will later today. I’ll be eager to see what the solution is — it seems that I need it, too.


    1. Fancy that……..you have the same prob. It’s a simple fix and I’ll reveal all as soon as I get 2-3 Domain.com blogs uploading a new post to confirm the ‘fix’ worked. Think I need more than one new Domain.com post uploaded to test.

      If you follow a lot of blogs with Domain.com names you will understand how tedious it can become with a few extra clicks on each.

      I couldn’t transfer my images (10,000+) from the old laptop to the new iMac. I managed to transfer about 2/3rd by copying to a spare Apple hard drive FIRST…….and THEN copying from that spare hard drive to the new iMac desktop. Still, in the end, after 5-6 attempts I painstakingly transferred 50-100 at a time from the spare hard drive……. If you’ve only got a few images to transfer, just get a spare hard drive and do the 2 step transfer the way I did. See if that works if you don’t want to wait for the guru.

      I’m waiting til tomorrow morning (it’s 8.50pm here on Tuesday night as I type this reply), to see if the small fix also fixed having to continually log into WordPress every time I log on to the new computer during the day AND every time I made a comment on a Domain.com blog. So much extra work (if you follow lots of WordPress blogs).

      I’m used to working on ‘autopilot’ and typing very fast. I’m not used to have to pause, think, pause, think, pause, log on and off continually.


  3. Some plugins and widgets, all for free, not only enrich the site, but also make your work easier – for example, Jetpack and Health Check & Troubleshooting. Or ask questions in the WordPress forum. Many friendly people will answer you…

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    1. I’ll check out the 3 plugins/widgets you mention thanks Juergen. I’ve written them down so I don’t forget 😀

      I’ve never found the WordPress forums helpful before yesterday. But yesterday I got an immediate answer from the Moderator and one of the Staff (a bit later on).

      It’s not that I’m too lazy, merely that I don’t use a computer as much as I used to and with my intermittent short-term memory and brain fog, I forget, or get confused, easily. Contributing factors towards having to quit working in early 2010. The only way I learned to use my cameras was continual practice every day, over and over. I’d read part of the manual, or a photography tutorial online at night, and forget it the next day. Frustrating to say the least.

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