I love photographing dew or raindrops on flowers (or grass).   I always think it adds another dimension to an ordinary flower image.

The Pelargonium in this post is not in flower in my balcony garden at the moment, but it was such a cheerful sight as I looked through my archives this morning (for something to post other than computer problems), I couldn’t resist sharing the image again.

……and for those interested in flower photography, brightly coloured flowers photograph much better early early in the morning, late in the day or on an overcast day.   Slightly under-exposing the image helps too.

10 thoughts on “PELARGONIUM ‘Survivor’

    1. Nice that you noticed the colour, David. It took me more than one shot to achieve the correct colour. The colour was so bright it kept getting over-exposed and losing the petal detail in the first few shots. In the end I shot it in manual mode (instead of my usual aperture priority for flower photography).

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  1. GREAT POST! I agree completely with both the drops of water and the time of day to photograph. To much light seems to change the color. Normally I photograph plants when the plants are in the shade in the afternoon.

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    1. I always get mixed up as to which are Pelargoniums and which are Geraniums…….no matter how many times I look it up on Mr Google.

      This particular one in this post is a real stunner and I chose it for the plant label’s description) when I was at the local plant nursery).

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    1. Thanks Lisa.

      I’ve got some rose images with raindrops on the petals (somewhere in my old photo library) which are nice. We need the rain, so for once, the cold wet weather is welcome. Besides I don’t have to water my potted plants when it rains. Such a chore in the warmer weather.

      Haven’t had a chance to do any new photography at the moment as I haven’t been outdoors.

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