BLUEBERRY ‘NELLIE KELLY’ (Vaccinium x corymbusm x ashei x darrowi)

I noticed the flowers are starting to form on my Blueberry bush last week.  Seems so odd for the start of the 3rd month of Autumn.

Somehow I always associate new buds and flowers with Spring.


I now have (most) of my images exported to my new iMac, but they are in one large folder, so I hope you’ll be patient while I sent up my whole image filing system again.  Seems to be about 10,000+ and while you may think this a large task, I know I’ll get it done sooner (rather than later) as I deleted 2154 in just a few hours on Monday.

The speed of this new computer is amazing!

I can’t find the Bird images I wanted to share today, so for the time being, I hope the Bird Lovers following my blog will have lots and lots of patience.


If you learn to enjoy waiting, you don’t have to wait to enjoy.

Kazuaki Tanahashi

11 thoughts on “BLUEBERRY ‘NELLIE KELLY’ (Vaccinium x corymbusm x ashei x darrowi)

  1. I’m very glad you have a new iMac. Phew! You’ll have it all neatly ordered and fully mastered before long – or at least, quite well enough! I wish I was a bit quicker at deleting images. 2154 in just a few hours is very impressive.

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    1. The old laptop was so slow after I did that software update over Easter.

      The deleted items were all double or triple copies. All you have to do is hold the ‘command’ button down and wiz along each line of images clicking on all the copies. Quite easy. Since doing the second import – the last 3-4 years worth of image archives – I can now see even more copies. So when I feel up to it, I’ll start the task. The goal will be to get all the bird shots in separate folders as I’m always looking for an old bird image from the archives. That will spur me on. As to the flower images, well, I’ve forgotten half the names, so that might take a little longer, Susan 🙂


    1. Thanks David,
      Sometimes in life we don’t realise how difficult our old life might have been for a while until we embrace the new (that comes our way). Thank goodness for a generous brother that made my new computer possible.


    1. So am I, Terry 🙂

      After all the sluggish screens and wasted time since I updated the software and my old laptop got ‘sick’, it is pure joy to have a computer than works so fast.

      I can highly recommend the latest iMac desktop (that my brother bought me).

      I originally bought the latest Mac Pro laptop 2 days prior (which my brother was happy to buy), but the technicians couldn’t work out how to link up all the USB hubs, cords, Dell screen etc so in the end, after hours of useless playing around, I went home and made the decision to go back to a desktop.

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  2. I’m so happy for you! and glad that the adapting is going well. I do like a desktop. I’d once considered a laptop for travel, but my iPad works perfectly well, since I don’t do any uploading of photos, etc. I know it’s a little retro not to depend on the cloud, but that’s just me.

    I need so badly to spend time sorting and reorganizing images — not to mention deleting a good many. We have three days of flooding rain forecast, so perhaps this is the time to get started!

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    1. ‘Adapting’ and ‘learning curve’ is coming along just fine. I just keep hitting the red button at the upper left after reading a blog post and can’t seem to break the habit. (of course that takes me out of gmail and I have to keep logging back in to my gmail inbox to get the next email notification….LOL).

      And I hate reading the content of a blog post that comes up automatically, instead of the whole person’s blog site. I really miss right clicking on the old computer mouse too, Linda. I believe I am doing 2-3 more hand movements for each task which is causing some RSI.

      Methinks, I REALLY need to learn some short cuts and practice them.

      I’m an obsessive organiser and tidy-upper so sorting and reorganising is just 2nd nature. The deleting is easier than you’d think. If it isn’t good enough to share online, it isn’t good enough to waste time editing is my new motto 🙂

      Hope your apartment is high up Linda and you don’t succumb to any flooding.

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      1. I am high up, and flooding’s no problem for me, unless I’m trying to drive somewhere. For the next few days, that will be a little iffy, but I’m perfectly content to stay at home for the time being and make use of my enforced “vacation.”

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