I usually share this same series of Autumn images, made back in May 2014, every year, as they’re such a lovely display of Autumn colour.

Most of these trees would be English or European trees planted back in the early settlement of the area.

The hills overlooking the eastern suburbs of Melbourne are called The Dandenong Ranges and include several National Parks, many local and wholesale plant nurseries, small and large spectacular residential gardens and homes.  Small and large market gardens, particularly berry farmers, are located in and on the other side of these hills.

Much of the area was milled for building materials in the 1930s, but still provides lush fern forests and protected national parks in the current day.

My younger brother took me to this tiny park on the way home from a stay in the country specifically so I could photograph the Autumn colour.

I have to be honest and say I’m not familiar with any Australian indigenous trees which change colour in Autumn, but I’m sure there must be some.

13 thoughts on “LOOKING FOR AUTUMN – PART II

    1. Thank you. Unfortunately no Autumn colour in my immediate park area, but the gardens in the next suburb are really old and should have some of the English and European tree colour I think.

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  1. What a collection. It’s a reminder that I need to begin researching any areas of color that exist in my general area now, so I don’t miss what little color we have when it arrives. I’ve always thought “west” was the way to go, but it may be that “east” is even better.

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  2. I wanted to let you know that WordPress is messing around with your most recent post about your tech issues. I tried to comment, twice, and the software experienced errors and would not let me. It would not let me like it. It shows in my Reader as a post, but when I went to your site, it wasn’t there. Either you’ve deleted it or it is having worse problems than I thought. I just wanted to let you know.

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    1. Thanks KD. I ended up deleting the post, as I decided to just try and fix my computer issues and move on.

      My 13″ Mac Pro has used up about 97% of it’s storage capacity with the latest software I uploaded on Sunday (instead of the previous 60-70% with the old software).

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      I have 8,000+ images in the one folder in date order only.

      ……and the latest software – Mojave – has extra tools in the photo editing software on the side of the screen, thereby making all the tools/sliders much smaller (to fit) and I can’t read them on the black background, even with my new glasses.

      I’m slowly working my way through each issue, but it will take weeks to restore and re-set up my photo library folders.

      Because my computer is so slow, taking 5 minutes to do what took me 2 seconds to do before, I’m even having trouble opening and closing emails and typing a comment of any of the blogs I follow.

      Methinks I need a new computer 🙂 I’ll run out of that remaining 3% storage in a matter of weeks.

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      1. Yeah, I think you are screaming NEW COMPUTER with everything you say. Maybe you can save the drive and hook it up to the new processor and retrieve your photos. I certainly hope so. 🤞

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