I was ‘cruising’  through my archives last night looking for Autumn.

The image below, made in the nearby Pipemaker’s Park in Maribyrnong, is probably my all-time favourite image.

Made on the 13th April, 2017, mid-afternoon, it was one of those right time, right place images in which the brilliant Autumn afternoon sun back-lit some of the Autumn Leaves on this old arbor perfectly.

Colonial Garden, Pipemaker’s Park, Maribyrnong

I have literally hundreds of Autumn leaf images so here’s a select few.  I’ll include a few more in the next post.

15 thoughts on “LOOKING FOR AUTUMN – PART I

  1. That was a perfect touch, to include the clouds in with so many beautiful images of leaves. The clouds themselves look like leaves, floating there in the sky. I do love that cobbled alleyway.

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    1. That cobbled lane way is another of my favourite images as it depicts not only Autumn colour, but the very lane that the old horse drawn carriages and carts would have used. The area around the Royal Botanic Gardens was mostly built from the mid to late 1800s and many of the buildings and National Trust properties are really quite interesting (including the Private Boarding School where I worked for 16 years and was built in 1858).

      I’d love to share some images of the National Trust properties in and around Melbourne, but with high entrance fees now (and no car), the lengthy public transport trips are now quite prohibitive for me. These days, now I am living in the Western Suburbs, I’m secretly cursing this new underground train line and 5 new stations being constructed beneath Melbourne city, Linda. The transport systems on the northern, eastern and south-eastern sides of the city centre have all changed – roads, cancelled bus routes and so on. This new train does nothing for us in the western suburbs and is causing major delays on some roads for car users.

      I do have one enormous folder of images of one property which I visited early on in my Photography hobby which I’ll re-upload one day, but haven’t any images of the other properties I visited when I still had a car pre Nov 2003 (i.e BC – Before Camera) 🙂

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  2. Such spectacular leaves, Vicki: the cooler climate makes for more colour, I think. We’ve a while to go before we have such colours. (It was 30 degrees here yesterday.)

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