SUPERB FAIRY-WREN (Malurus cyaneus) – juvenile

I was just replying to a commenter that I hadn’t seen a Superb Fairy-wren for weeks and hoped they hadn’t found a new home when all of a sudden, 2 juveniles – a male and a female – landed on the balcony fence.

I just caught a movement over the top of my computer screen (so now new followers know why I have my desk in front of the lounge windows).

Sorry to say, I caught the bookcase reflection in the glass door…….. (and I really must clean the lounge windows).

The female flew away before I had a chance to take the lens cap off my (newly) repaired 150-500mm lens and aim.

So I clumsily followed the young male as it wandered through the herbs and eventually managed to capture a couple of shots of its back before it, too, flew away.

Juvenile male SUPERB FAIRY-WREN flying around the Lemon Verbena (right) and Perennial Basil (left).

It’s many weeks since I’ve seen these cute, fast-moving little wrens.  It’s so rare for them to stand still and pose for a shot.

5 thoughts on “SUPERB FAIRY-WREN (Malurus cyaneus) – juvenile

    1. Haven’t seen any Willy Wagtails, Spotted Turtle-doves or basically anything, except a couple of House Sparrows (since the construction noise across the road). There was even a Raven, a Shrike-thrush, 2 blackbird sightings and a Magpie Lark once. Wish the birds would come back as I’m getting more and more housebound (with hip surgery cancelled) and they are such a joy to watch and keep me entertained for hours.

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  1. What darling looking birds. Seems as though all the tiny ones move far too fast for ease of the photographer! They’re quite the challenge. Good to see your lens working again!

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    1. They are gorgeous and I’m soooooo glad I forked out all that money to repair the shattered lens too. The cost was great, but the rewarding images make it worth every cent, Gunta 🙂


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