ZUCCHINI ‘Black Jack’ (Cucurbita spp.)

My 2 baby Zucchini died.

They never stood a chance in the last few days of Summer heat and while I moved them to the right hand side of my balcony, which goes into shade earlier in the afternoon, their sad yellow pallor spoke volumes in my attempt to nurture them to fruition.

This morning, it’s cool, overcast and looking promising for some cooler temperatures in the coming week, so I moved the trough over to where I can see the plants over my computer screen, for, on this morning’s inspection, 2 Harlequin bugs had landed on their large gently scalloped leaves and looked very much like they had found a new home.

Hopefully, closer scrutiny throughout the day time I am home will lead to some new fruit and NO Harlequin bugs (which decimated my leafy crops last Summer 2017/18).

For those new to my nature blog, this is how close I can move a plant if I want to look at it regularly without leaving my desk chair.

By the way, excuse the dirty windows in these images, but the overnight rain a few days ago brought with it an astonishing amount of dust and while I’ve dusted indoors, I haven’t had a chance to clean the lounge windows yet.

Keep your fingers crossed the current new flowers bear some fruit.

……and on a sadder note, I’ve only seen a couple of House Sparrows visiting my garden in the last week – hope this doesn’t mean the avian visitors have moved on to greener pastures. 

While the excavator on the building site across the road does make a lot of noise in the mornings, I was hoping the bird bath hanging from the balcony fence and a large ring of bird seed tied to the top of the fence would lure them back…..especially the Superb Fairy-wrens (shown below).

(it might be back to the archives for some bird images to share……..).

10 thoughts on “ZUCCHINI ‘Black Jack’ (Cucurbita spp.)

  1. Never mind those dirty windows. If you were here, you’d think they were sparkling clean compared to the pollen-covered everything that we have. It’s just ghastly. I mean — I know trees have to have their annual party, but really. Enough is enough.

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    1. Sorry to hear about your annual pollen ‘storm’, Linda. That’s usually sticky stuff to remove.

      It’s 2.30pm, Sunday, here and its just started raining. (of course I watered the garden this morning instead of at dusk as it looked so dry). Hope the ground gets a good soaking. I was feeling a bit guilty indoors on the computer on such a cool day, but I’d rather sit indoors with heavy rain outdoors to be honest. The fields are looking so dry and parched, we need some SERIOUS rain, especially in country areas where the bushfires have left their mark.

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      1. I hope you get rain, too. If I could figure out a way to package ours and send it to you, I would. Combine our pollen with our high, high humidity (or ‘humididy’ as my dad used to tease) and it really is a mess.

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    1. It’s such a quiet neighbourhood on the side of the hill that I think some of the smaller birds might get a real fright when the driver changes to the rock-cracking attachment on the front of his machine. It seems to be taking them such a long time just to eat away at the cliff. But I suppose they have to be pretty careful not to cause a mini avalanche, let lone the excavator tip over on the zig-zag path of the slope.

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  2. You’re certainly having some challenges! Hope your zucchini does better with the cooler weather. The construction must be annoying for both you and the birds. May they soon be done.

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    1. I’m not having much luck at the moment (with leafy veggies), Gunta. I suspect the construction work will take a couple of years as they seem to work for a few weeks and then……..disappear for a few months (to work on another site, perhaps)?

      I don’t mind the construction too much, except everything indoors seems to be covered in a layer of dust every day and I’m missing the avian visitors to my balcony garden.


      1. We had a constant parade of gravel trucks (BIG ones) going past us while they were working on that slide. Now that they have one lane built back, it seems to have slowed down a tad.

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