SHINING MEADOW RUE (Thalictrum lucidum)

Have been so busy this last week, I almost forgot about my Nature Blog, but today, while looking for some photos for a friend, I came across an image of Shining Meadow Rue (Thalictrum lucidum) made in the Royal Botanic Gardens back on the 18th June, 2012.

……..and just to remind you of what The Herb Garden in the Royal Botanic Gardens in Melbourne looks like in Summer or Spring, here’s a few images made over a number of years (below).

The circular brick edged garden falls into shadow around 4.30pm, so best to visit either in the morning or early afternoon.

(Hint: its pretty bare in Winter, so don’t bother visiting at that time).

From memory, the Shining Meadow Rue was growing just inside the entrance of The Herb Garden, one of my all-time favourite places to sit on a hot summer’s day (when I lived on the south-east side of Melbourne).

Melbourne’s long hot summer is finally over and we’ve got some more pleasant weather in which to enjoy the great outdoors this week.  I was going to say it’s hot today, but let’s call it pleasantly……… very warm, instead  🙂

11 thoughts on “SHINING MEADOW RUE (Thalictrum lucidum)

    1. Would be interesting to see your Texan variety, Linda.

      …..and yes, I’m glad this Summer has finally ended. Seemed the longest and worst for as long as I can remember.

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    1. Hope so, Terry. Gosh, this past Summer has been one of the worst yet and I can’t take the heat at the best of times. My stiffness and pain levels have been worse than ever, so while painful, I need a few short walks now it’s cooler.

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    1. Living so near to The Herb Garden for some 25+ years was a real bonus, Gunta. But I only got to know it more intimately when I ‘retired’ and bought a camera. The Herb Garden is about the size of what I would have loved to have had if I had my own garden. With the knee-high plant beds it’s so much easier to bend down and take close-up photos of the herbs too.


      1. I can no longer do either. Too much pain in my lower back and hip and now, too much nerve damage in my legs. I do have strong arms and shoulders though.


    1. It’s a very beautiful garden at the height of Spring, but Summer is not too bad either. I think I like it more as I used to drop in on my way home around 4.30pm and the heavy shade at that time made everything very blue/mauve – very soft and calming.


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