It’s back………

My Sigma 150 – 500mm lens is back……………….from the camera repair department.

Just thought I’d share my delight with you.

Of course, I’m still in a state of shock at the repair bill of this much-loved telephoto lens (including the new UV filter which I always buy for my lenses to protect them).

But I’m so glad to have a long telephoto ‘birding’ lens again.

Now……….where are all the birds who normally visit my balcony during the day.  Wouldn’t you know it, not a bird in sight! 😀

I might just have to walk down to the local pond today to test it out.  Of course I did test it in the repair department, but that’s not the same thing as testing it on a real live distant bird.

23 thoughts on “It’s back………

    1. I’m amazed at what a short time it took. The repair department showed me the whole internal fitting that was removed and replaced which was rather interesting . I’ve never seen the internal workings of a camera lens before.

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    1. That was the quickest $$$$ I’ve ever spent, Gunta. I still can’t believe it cost so much, but I really only do bird photography these days and rarely flower photography, so I guess it’s my most used lens.


      1. I can certainly relate to the pleasure a lens like that can give you. Just ENJOY it and it’ll be worth every dime (or whatever your equivalent to it is)! Don’t take the fun out of it by second guessing what you spent on it. ❤

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    1. Thanks, Tanja. I haven’t had a chance to get outdoors to use it yet and with the construction work across the road recommencing, the noise seems to have scared most birds off my balcony garden.

      The weather has turned hot again today and this week, but maybe I can walk down to the local pond at dusk to give the repaired lens a ‘workout’.

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    1. Can’t wait to use it again, but with friends dropping in a whole lot of herb seedlings last Tuesday and a return to hot weather this week, the balcony garden has taken precedence.


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