WATER BUTTONS, BUTTONWEED (Cotula coronophifolia)

Water Buttons are a native of South Africa, but naturalised in all Australian states and New Zealand.

These hairless, low-growing, perennial herbs flower in Winter and Spring and grow on a range of soils from sandy loam to clay, but are restricted to wet soils that are periodically flooded according to Mr Google.

They generally exist in moderately saline, waterlogged soils and may form large mats over shallow water,  but the images in this post were made in Melbourne’s Royal Botanic Gardens.

Not sure that the patch of plants was in water-logged soil in the RBG, but they were flowering profusely all the same.

I could have chosen to photograph just one flower, but then you wouldn’t get a sense of how gorgeous they are en masse.  Their button-like flowers tend to turn throughout the day and follow the sunlight as you can see in my images.

I’ve seen them in the soggy field around the pond in the nearby Newells Paddock Conservation and Nature Reserve about 2 miles from my current home.

I tried to get down low to photograph them in Newells Paddock when I first visited this amazing restored area a couple of years ago, but I wobbled too much as I was trying not to get wet socks through a hole in my old walking shoes.  The ground was covered in low-lying water under the succulents and grass floor beneath my feet, so the images below just really give you a sense of the surroundings in that paddock (field).  Hope to get back there soon to photograph more of the bird life.  You can get a sense of the bird life here

Or, you can keep following my nature blog waiting for me to photograph them.  Not sure I can get around all the ponds and fields as the water is hidden underfoot for the most part, and I don’t have any gumboots (rubber boots).  I tend to stick to gravel or asphalt paths for walking these days as I’m a bit accident-prone (as you will know if you’ve followed my blog for a long time 😀 )

It’s been raining solidly for a couple of hours this morning and is blissfully cool, so I definitely won’t have to water my balcony garden this evening.

I glanced at the coming week’s weather forecast on the internet this morning, (as I do every morning), and it looks like cooler weather next week.

Dare I hope for a walk outdoors soon?

Is the stretch of heat waves Melbourne’s endured through January, finally finished?

Will there be enough rain to put the bushfires out?

19 thoughts on “WATER BUTTONS, BUTTONWEED (Cotula coronophifolia)

  1. I know we have a little yellow flower that looks much like this one, but I can’t remember what it is. I’ll have to look later. They look to me like the little “button cookies” that are sold here. I don’t usually get a craving for cookies while looking at flower photos, but it just happened! I’m so glad you’ve cooled some, and have some rain. I hope the worst of the heat’s over for you now, and that both you and your plants will really begin to thrive.

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    1. I hope to get outdoors soon too. I don’t like the air-conditioning. I prefer fresh air, but when the heat is high and it feels like a sauna outdoors, best to just wait.

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    1. It really is beautiful when those succulents on the ground turn orange and red in that second last pic. Almost the same area as the previous image, just slightly to the right of the pond as that red building is the same across the river.

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  2. Hi Vicki, with all our cold grey weather your flower photos look so lovely and inviting. I do hope it cools off for you now. You certificate have had a rough summer over there….I don’t do well in heat and I cringed when I saw your temps on TV.

    Rain is really so lovely After such heat, isn’t it?

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  3. No matter how hard I try, autospell sneaks in words that I don’t catch. Certificate was correctly written as ” certainly” and then changed by the little gnome in my tablet. And recently it’s gotten worse. Words seem to change in cyberspace and when they land at their destination …they aren’t correct…..sigh….

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    1. It’s been blissfully cool for a couple of days now and the forecast looks like the worst of the hot weather is finally over, thank goodness. I can’t take the heat at all 🙂

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