“You don’t know what thirst is until you drink for the first time.”

Carlos Ruiz Zafón

I caught this little House Sparrow looking longingly at the bottom of the Bird Bath and realised I had forgotten to fill the small ceramic dish on Wednesday morning.

I was wishing I had my long 150-500mm lens back from the repairers, as a close-up would have been interesting to view the bird’s expression.

The Camera repair department rang that afternoon to say my lens had returned to their shelf and was ready to pick up.  I nearly fell off my desk chair in surprise.  It was only last Friday that I had signed off for Sigma to go ahead and repair it!

Anyway, today is lovely and cool and wouldn’t you know it – a bad night in pain and no amount of prescription analgesics has helped, so I have to stay home today.

Maybe tomorrow ?………………… 😥

13 thoughts on “THIRST

  1. I get the side-eye from my birds every now and then when I forget to refresh the water bowl, too. It’s great that your camera came back so quickly. I know how pleased you’ll be to have it back. I hope things ease up for you, so it can be sooner rather than later!

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  2. How clever to catch that wistful expression. I used to have hummingbirds tapping on my window if their sugar water feeder needed filling.

    How tantalizing to know your lens is done and you have to wait for a better day! Hoping you feel better soon and can get out to enjoy having the lens back!

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    1. Lovely and cool today, Gunta and the weather forecast looks fairly good for the coming week, so I’m thinking I might go into the city centre if this pleasant weather keeps up. Dare I hope that the heat waves are all gone 🙂


    1. Such a wistful expression on the sparrow. Would have been even better with the longer telephoto lens, methinks. Never mind, there’s always another day, another week and another month as the sparrows are so regular in their visits now.

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