R.I.P. – Sigma 150 – 500/5.6 – 6.3 APO DG OS and Promaster 86mm UV Digital Filter

THE GOOD NEWS…….yesterday was perfect weather….cool, light wind, overcast (clearing to sunny) and was the day I finally ended up going back to the Jawbone Flora and Fauna Reserve to try and get a decent photo of the Royal Spoonbills (Platalea regia) in the middle of one of the lakes..

“Once a highly degraded site, Jawbone Flora and Fauna Reserve has been transformed into an ecological haven and a place of beauty for the whole community. Stretching from the Westgate Bridge to Williamstown, Altona and down to the Cheethams Wetlands and Point Cook, the park consists of open grasslands, wetlands, a saltmarsh and mangrove conservation area, Wader Beach and the Kororoit Creek.

The Bay trail, popular with cyclists and walkers, runs through the north of the park.”

THE BAD NEWS……I…..ehrrr…..had a slight accident and killed the long telephoto ‘birding’ lens.  Initially, I thought it was just the $139.95 UV filter.

I took the UV filter off and turned the camera/lens upside down to look through the viewfinder and all the glass fell out of the lens barrel and on to the asphalt walking path.  (in hindsight, now why didn’t I turn it upside down over the grass)?

Not even worth taking it to the repair department in the city – even if the glass could be replaced it would probably cost hundreds of dollars (or half the price of a new lens or more).

THE GOOD NEWS……Yes, I got the shot!  

Not close-up, but good enough (and many more before the accident – these will come next week when I’ve reviewed the images and my wrist is less sore.  It’s just in a splint at the moment as I didn’t want a plaster slab on it for a week restricting everything I do).  I can type ok.

In the meantime, this morning the swelling on my knee has gone down, but very painful so maybe I should have had that X-rayed (as well as my hand).  Funny, how the worst of the pain comes out the next day.

THE BAD NEWS……by the time I picked up the pieces, finished the walk, sore in more than a few spots……..$1141.45 had gone down the plughole (as they say)……in taxi, lens, UV filter, bus……later that night, taxi, hospital E.R, taxi home.

THE GOOD NEWS……only a hairline fracture in my (X-rayed) wrist……..but my knee hurts like hell this morning…..lets hope it gets better with rest.

THE BAD NEWS…..I can’t afford a new lens & filter (at the moment), so this may be an end to any close-up bird shots in the future.

I didn’t even shed a tear over the loss of my beloved ‘birding’ lens – all I thought was ‘another one bites the dust’, kept walking and shooting with the other 2 lenses I had with me.

THE GOOD NEWS.….It was a glorious day and there were hundreds, if not thousands of birds to be seen.  I had a lovely chat to another photographer who told me some of the names of the other birds and showed me his photos taken further along the foreshore – (it was low tide).

Another couple of photographers (on bicycles) stopped to chat and tell me more about the whole Marine Sanctuary and Nature Reserve.

So, I’d say it was a good day 🙂

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    1. Thanks Eduardo. It was such a beautiful day……and so many birds. There would have to have been the most birds I’ve ever seen in one place in my life. It was a real thrill 🙂

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  1. Oh no! I’m so sorry to read this, although it was written in a light and entertaining way, given the subject matter.

    Not really a good day from my point of view – it was painful on so many levels – but you do have a great attitude to meet it with which is the greatest blessing of all. I wish you a speedy recovery.

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    1. Susan, in hindsight, I amazed myself…..that I just picked up the ‘glass’, put it in my camera bag side pocket and kept on walking and shooting. But this ‘attitude’ to keep on going seems to continually repeat itself in recent years.

      I guess, I thought that since I caught a taxi down there, I wasn’t going to waste the taxi fare either 🙂

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    1. Thanks Terry. Lots of sore spots, but the hand/wrist worried me the most as I use my hands so much.

      I always recover pretty quickly, as I’ve learned how to just rest and just ‘go with the flow’. The jar of Arnica has been opened more than a few times since I got home last night. (sitting watching TV with my sore leg up at the moment).

      I’ll review the photos in a couple of days and share later.

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    1. Thanks Peggy.

      Not fussed about the lens in one way as I haven’t been out walking much for 10-11 months, so its not quite as bad as if I’d been getting dozens of good bird shots every single day.

      It was a good day. The weather was great, not too hot, not too cold. More importantly, for this area, hardly any wind. The walk (before lens break), was great and thoroughly enjoyable. Hard on the hip, but it did pretty well on the whole.

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      1. My most tragic (to me) was when I was young, just started out in photography. Had the camera all set up, went to get the light meter out of the bag, picked the meter up and fumbled it into the river. I had saved for ages and it was top range meter. I cried.

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    1. I can well imagine David. Perhaps I would have reacted the same way 6-7 years ago.

      I don’t know whether its a case of ‘letting’ go my attachment to Photography and material possessions OR every day there seems to be a new challenge with my health so that I’ve learned to just let go and accept what IS, instead of fighting and reacting to each challenge as a major hurdle.

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    1. Much improved this morning, thanks Candice. Yesterday was painful, standing or sitting. No point ‘crying over spilt milk’. A lens, while expensive, is just a lens.

      I guess I was more accepting with the lens loss as I can’t get outdoors doing so much walking these days anyway. My health is more important than material possessions 🙂

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  2. Wow. I am so sorry for your “little accident.” The physical injuries are we enough, but the lens, too? Expensive day. I’m glad you got the shot, but please, be careful!!

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    1. Thanks KD. I’m feeling much better today as each painful spot emerges, heightens and then gradually subsides. Lots of arnica cream are helping the sore spots on my hand, arm and right leg.

      I had my gear in my old wire shopping trolley which got caught on a broken piece of walking path and flipped over. If I hadn’t been getting tired I wouldn’t have been leaning so hard on the handle and wouldn’t have gone down with the gear. I would have stayed upright. Interestingly enough I didn’t even try to cushion my fall on the grassy edge of the asphalt walking path, just sort of allowed myself to fall. I thing this saved me from serious injury to be honest.

      At least you have to see the good side of it. Now I don’t have hold or cart a heavy lens outdoors 😀

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      1. I just hate that about your birding lense. But the birds you did get are super. I haven’t got a decent bird in ages, looking at these beauties is eye candy for me!!
        I’ve got two variable lenses for my 35mm. And I always have my phone camera to get some kind of satisfaction almost every time I’m out.


      2. Thanks Mera.
        I console myself with the fact that the 150-500mm birding lens really was too HEAVY to hold outdoors. At least now, if I go out, I won’t have to choose which lenses to take 🙂


    2. Thanks.
      I’m pretty much ok today, except that I find it painful to scroll through with my left hand/wrist (which is what I’m used to doing) and it gets sore quickly. Time to get off the computer again 🙂

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  3. Oh, my goodness. Despite your sweet reasonableness about all this, I’m so sorry it happened. At least you’re recuperating well; that’s the most important thing. I know the loss of a lens would devastate me, because there’d be no way to replace it, but the loss of my wrists or hands would be an even worse trauma! Pace yourself, and don’t try to do too much.

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    1. Thanks Linda. I’ve still got the 55-210mm lens of the Sony a6000, but it’s not good at pinpointing birds in thick foliage or, of course, capturing birds from a long distance away as I did last Thursday with the 150-500mm lens (that broke)..

      My main Canon camera body is a bit scratched but its only cosmetic damage. I don’t have the money to replace the broken lens, but since I can’t get outdoors as much these days, I’ll just have to go back to photographing subjects that are a bit closer. Like you, I do a lot of things with my hands, but you earn a living with them, so it would be a major disaster for you to have a hand injury.

      I can type ok with the splint on my left hand, but discovered this morning that I can’t scroll with my left hand as it still hurts – I must twist my wrist when scrolling I think.

      I’m trying to find a couple of plant names before I upload a post on last Thursday’s walk and photography at the moment. Not having much luck.

      I’m tempted to go back and re-shoot some of the images I made (in a couple of weeks when my hand is better).

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  4. Oh! Good Grief! I leave for a while and come back to your blog with this news..! Firstly- are YOU ok? Did you fall? Sounds like it! I am so sorry! I know exactly how it is when you can’t afford to replace something-and something that gave you so much joy…on top of an injury! Praying for speedy recovery for you. Please take care.

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    1. Yes, I’m just fine, thank you for asking, Connie 🙂 Just a small hairline fracture in my wrist when I fell, as it took the brunt of the fall. I trip easily due to the nerve damage in my legs, but on this occasion it was my shopping trolley with all my gear which got caught on a broken piece of asphalt and flipped over throwing my camera into the air. I was getting tired and leaning heavily on the trolley handle so went down with it. I can type easily with the wrist splint on, but sore to scroll through screens on the computer or scroll through images.
      I’ve been trying to select some images to share and will do so in the coming days.


      1. Goodness…I’m so sorry! I’ve been having accidents lately too (smacked my face really hard a few days ago and gave myself a black eye) so I completely understand….please take care!

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      2. ……and you too, Connie. I always say I have accidents as I get outdoors and explore (or cook fresh food from scratch so am more likely to burn, or cut, my finger etc.) People who drive everywhere are less likely to stumble over uneven paths or stepping stones. I’ve always got my camera up in front of my eye and don’t watch when I step to the side or backwards 😀


  5. Sorry to hear about your camera lens and your pain, Vicki. I hope you will feel better soon. It is good that you are taking the “always look on the bright side of life” attitude.
    I look forward to your photos of the spoonbills.
    Best wishes,

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    1. Thanks Tanja. I only got 2 images of the spoonbills as they were in a different area of the lake. First was blurred due to the tall reeds, but I was happy with the 2nd shot (despite the long distance away).

      Next time I will try to find the path to the foreshore as there were (literally) hundreds of black swans and Black-winged stilts on the sand at low tide. I have one rather blurred shot of the swans showing their vast numbers which was taken from a long distance away, but it was an amazing day for bird sightings. Another photographer, who stopped to chat, said there were many migratory Cape Barron Geese in the area at the time too. He also mentioned several birds he’d photographed on the foreshore which I’d never heard of.

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    2. Tanja, I think you would love Australia, although its such a vast country with so many climatic zones, you would need to do your research and plan it carefully to get the most out of wherever you decided to visit. Very expensive hotels and food, so alternative accommodation might be the way to go if you ever did visit.

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      1. Keep dreaming Tanja. I often think its best to stay with friends or family when travelling if possible. It’s just so expensive, especially Europe since I travelled in the mid to late 1970s (which was very cheap)

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