I’m way behind with Blog Reading and replying to some comments, so apologies to everyone concerned.

Sometimes, when life gets busy, you just have to accept your failings and move on……

Here’s a few quick shots of that male Superb Fairy-wren from Tuesday.  I think I had the sliding door open for the first 2 shots and the other 3 were through the dirty windows so they look a bit faded.  I don’t see these wrens  often now.  Maybe they’re nesting and got little ones to feed, or maybe, they’re fed up with finding no food in my much-reduced balcony garden?

So here’s a series of images so you can follow them around my garden like I do.  They’re such fun to watch.  It’s always a challenge to capture these fast-moving little wrens within the frame, but it’s always fun trying.

Anyway, Tuesday’s sighting was a rare one in recent weeks.  I think they visit me, take a stroll around the remaining potted plants and then drop down to the grey concrete tiles where they used to find scattered seed, then up to the fence railing, drop down to the apartment below mine, find nothing there and……………fly back to the hedge on the other side of the road.

That seems to be the routine.

I’m thinking that my Sony a6000 might need cleaning and servicing.  Yesterday’s shots at the pond in the Wetlands look a little odd.  Or maybe it was just the gusty winds that tried to blow me over and I wasn’t holding the camera still enough.  I’ve lost the rubber eyepiece for the 3rd time, and without it, my glasses are getting scratched too.

After visiting the local Pharmacy yesterday, despite ominous cloud cover, I walked over to the bus stop to check when the next bus would arrive heading down to the Maribyrnong/Edgewater/Bunyap park/wetlands (I wish they’d make up their minds out of the 3 names they’ve got on the signs around the pond).

One sign would be more than adequate.  I used to walk along the river path from home to visit this wetlands and pond, but of course, walking this far is out of the question at the moment.

A few rain drops fell but I decided to……….wait for the next post to tell you about it 😀

11 thoughts on “APOLOGIES….

    1. You’re welcome.

      The wrens are so quick. I missed about 5 shots that morning as, when I pressed the shutter button, he’d pop behind the pot and I’d end up with nothing in the frame.

      But, my Sony camera seems to playing up a bit too. It’s not always focusing, even when I’ve got it on Flexible Spot (which is a tiny little square to get between the plant branches). Tried it again this morning and it seemed OK. I don’t like intermittent problems on the Sony a6000 as you never know when you’ve pressed the wrong setting by accident.

      I must admit my Canon DSLR is so easy (but heavy).

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    1. The blue of the breeding male SPLENDID fairy-wren (which is what I thought these birds were) is even more stunning, Linda. Both the ‘Splendid’ and the ‘Superb’ Fairy-wren are similar. in many ways.

      I’ve been trying to stay off the computer and stop sitting at my desk watching the birds as I don’t get ironing or housework done and next minute I realise its dusk and time to think about what I’m having for dinner and I’ve wasted hours just watching (the birds).

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  1. Dear Vicki, I for one totally understand getting behind in things. I read several blogs but sometimes that is all I have time for- to read and click the little “like” star! Honestly- I really don’t think watching birds is wasting time. Your photos give a lot of happiness and joy to those of us who read your blog! Spreading joy is never a waste of time. Hugs

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    1. Thanks so much dear Connie. I think your blog gives me just as much pleasure as i’d never have the chance to visit Japan and experience your way of life. Vicki x

      I love ‘armchair travel’ in retirement. Most people don’t realise how lucky we are to have the internet to hear about and see other cultures and lifestyles, let along scenery (or flora and fauna).


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