“If you learn to enjoy waiting, you don’t have to wait to enjoy”

Kabuki Tanahashi

Waiting for my Blueberry fruit to ripen has been one of the longest waits in recent years.

It has so many berries on such a small bush.

In the meantime, I’m still buying punnets of blueberries at the nearby supermarket which are cheap enough,  just not the same as growing your own 🙂 , especially as this is my first attempt at growing this plant on my west-facing apartment balcony.

I keep imagining going outdoors to pick some berries for my breakfast and can’t seem to get the image out of my head.

The photo below, made when I first bought the tiny plant, (when it was only a few inches high), was dated the 19th December, 2017, so I figure I have at least 3 more weeks to wait…..maybe less?   That tiny plant yielded about 20 berries in total, which surprised me at the time,  as Mr Google says most blueberries take 2 years to bear fruit.

1st sign of blueberries 19th December, 2017

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  1. The ones you grow yourself are always the best! I haven’t tried growing any myself but my neighbor up the hill has a lot of them and she always gives me some. That will be in about 8 months here though.

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    1. I love everything homegrown, but blueberries (and raspberries) are a favourite. Have you tried freezing them, Terry. I sometimes do that and on a hot day eat the frozen berries like ice blocks.

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    1. This ”Nellie Kelly’ variety seems well regarded and I think likes a frost, so maybe it would do well in your chilly winter mornings. I’ve typed it under the ‘FRUIT’ heading on the right hand side of this page in case you want to look that variety up again, Peggy.


    1. I’m keeping my fingers crossed, Jane. The tricky part might be timing when to put the cotton netting over the bush so the birds can’t eat all the berries. I’m waiting for the green berries to start changing colour and then the net will go on.


  2. Isn’t it hard to wait? Still, from the looks of things, you’re going to have a nice harvest. There’s nothing in the world like fresh-picked fruit. In only….seven months or so, it will be fruit-picking time here, too.

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    1. I’m sure there’s something like 60-70 large berries that I can see on the plant, Linda. And I seem to remember that smaller green berries grew and ripened after I had eaten the first 5-6 ripe ones (on the small plant last year).

      After I saw the start of the berries, I was surprised to find 3-4 new branches grew too. Of course I’ll try to photograph the ripe ones before I eat them 🙂

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