ROUNDED NOON FLOWERS, ROUND-LEAF PIGFACE (Disphyma crassifolium subsp. clevellatum)

I spotted 2 Rounded Noon Flowers near the local supermarket on Sunday which reminded me of the magnificent display at Newells Paddock Nature Reserve I’d photographed on the 2nd November 2017.

Since the image above looks pretty ‘ordinary’ to most of us, (I only had one camera hooked to the back of my shopping trolley and couldn’t bend down low), I thought the newer followers might like to see the series of images I took last year.

If you live in Melbourne, Newells Paddock Conservation Reserve, next to the Maribyrnong River, is well worth visiting any time of the year.  But when the Rounded Noon flowers are in bloom, a visit is almost mandatory.  I don’t know whether our driest start to Spring on record, this year, might affect the timing of the display.

There’s a car park near the entrance of the general picnic area, but you need to walk from the car park (on the left side of the map above), through the tree area (image on the right) and out into the open pond area near the river, to see the Rounded Noon Flowers.

Here’s a few photos of the Conservation area near the river to give you an overview.  Have a quick read of the history of the area – it will give you a sense of this amazing restoration project.

The images (above) were made on my first visit to the area and if it wasn’t for my current exacerbated back, hip and knee pain keeping me mostly housebound in the last 6-8 months, I’d be down at this Nature Reserve every other week.  There’s just so much bird-life to see.

The whole colour scheme of the landscape changes in Autumn (above). It’s one of those places which is so damn close to where I currently live……and yet so far away when you can’t do much walking.

Last year I walked home from the Reserve once and I think it’s approximately 3.7 kilometres to my back door (via the river walking/cycling path).

….anyway back to the subject of this post….Rounded Noon Flowers.

19 thoughts on “ROUNDED NOON FLOWERS, ROUND-LEAF PIGFACE (Disphyma crassifolium subsp. clevellatum)

    1. I still hope to get back there one day, Terry. Amongst the many species of bird life in the reserve is one called the Pink-eared Duck and the name intrigues me as I’ve only ever seen photos of this duck.

      I’ve probably photographed many of the other bird species (found in the Reserve) in and around Melbourne in the past 7-8 years, or even Melbourne Zoo, but getting up close to a new one still holds a drawcard for me.

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    1. It’s an amazing nature reserve – so close to the city and residential housing, Lonnie, but I always get a thrill from seeing what was, a wasteland and rubbish dump, restored to it’s natural state.

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    1. They certainly are, Peggy, and they seem to spread like common weeds too. They’re certainly classified as weeds in some places, but I think they’re really attractive.

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  1. Rounded Noon flowers – I’ve never heard of them, and what an odd name….but so gorgeous! A magenta parpet….and the autumnal color changes are beautiful in the preserve, too. I love the images, esp. the last one!

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    1. Thanks Lynn.
      While the Noon Flowers, or Pigface as they’re commonly called, are everywhere in urban areas, one can’t help but be stunned by such a large display of pink in the one place.

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