BLUEBERRY ‘NELLIE KELLY’ (Vaccinium x corymbusm x ashei x darrowi)


rain falling softly

droplets on leaves

thirst quenched


I woke up to the steady patter of rain yesterday morning.  We need rain badly, especially as September was the driest start to Spring on record.  But the soft rain dwindled out mid-to-late morning.


I’ve had an eagle eye on my Blueberry bush on my balcony.

…..waiting for the formation of fruit, so I can put the newly purchased cotton netting over it to deter birds snacking.

It’s about 15″ high and the same amount wide, although a little lop-sided as I probably forgot to keep turning it every 2nd day so it grew evenly (towards the west-facing light).

(I vaguely remember pruning a few wayward branches off too, which probably didn’t help).

“The Nellie Kelly Blueberry (Sunshine Blue) is a delightful, evergreen bush that grows to 1 metre, producing pink flowers during the winter and delectable fruit in late spring and summer. The bush is frost tolerant and needs to be planted in areas where overnight temperatures drop below 5C degrees during winter as this helps to promote the flowers”.

…and flowers I’ve had in the hundreds this year.

PHOTO MADE A FEW DAYS AGO TO SHOW AT WHAT STAGE I THINK THE FRUITING IS AT.  I presume those 2 bell-shaped things are the start to fruit?

But, does this mean I’ll get hundred of luscious blueberries?  Who knows.  I don’t have enough gardening experience to be certain.

My (experienced) gardener brother said my dozen or so miserable berry crop last year were probably due to the birds raiding the newly formed fruit (before I was out of bed? 🙂 ).

Some websites I read last year said Blueberries don’t fruit until the 2nd year, but I guess that depends on the variety.  When I first bought this small plant, I got about 20 berries before it had even started to grow.

I remember being quite excited at the time as I’d never grown a Blueberry bush before.

“Nellie Kelly Blueberries are suitable for either garden beds or large pots where they will get part sun. They will last 10 to 15 years and produce up to 4 kilograms of fruit a season”

This sounds promising 🙂

17 thoughts on “BLUEBERRY ‘NELLIE KELLY’ (Vaccinium x corymbusm x ashei x darrowi)

  1. Those little bell-shaped thingies are in fact your baby blueberries. With lots of blooms, you ought to have lots of berries. Of course, as farmers have known for centuries, things happen. Still, it looks to me as though you’re going to have a better crop this year by far.

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    1. Thanks for the confirmation of those bell-shaped thingies. (I thought i was the only person who ever used the word ‘thingies’ 🙂 ).

      I don’t want to put the netting on prematurely. On the other hand, I bought the cotton netting a few months ago, so no point wasting it.

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    1. Good to hear, David 🙂

      (I hadn’t seen a post from you in ages until today, David. Hope you’re well and enjoying your practice & life in general).


    1. This particular variety of Blueberry seems to be highly regarded, Peggy. I love blueberries and the thought of just going outdoors to pick some fresh ones for breakfast (or whatever) is a treat too great to ignore. I wonder if you’d have to have someone water the bush and cover them with netting for you when you’re away on your travels though.

      Several visits to hospital recently and the chore of carrying heavy watering cans every night have forced me to reduce my balcony garden.

      I daresay your own garden has to be pretty much low maintenance? If/when you and J. ever stop travelling, you may have more time to experiment with fruits, herbs and veggies in the garden. It’s so uplifting watching plants grow and flourish under your own hand when you live in an urban area 🙂

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      1. So sorry to hear you’ve had to reduce the balcony garden. You’re right, our garden is low maintenance, but we do have great neighbours who can step in when we are away. We do the same for them.

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  2. Looks promising. I don’t think you’ll need the netting until they start to show a tint of color. At least the birds won’t be interested until then, but not sure if you have caterpillars in your area. Best to keep an eye out!

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    1. Ok so far for caterpillars, but the Harlequin Bugs are here again. So far, only about 5-6 outdoors and 3-4 indoors on the carpet…….oh, and one on my arm while I was typing 🙂

      Thanks for the advice about the netting not needed until the change of fruit colour, Eliza.

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  3. Such sparkling, pretty images….my guess is that you’ll have plenty of berries, as long as you can keep the birds and beasts away. And yes, those little green things are the berries. That pale pink on the blooms amidst the gray-green and creamy white is lovely!

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      1. They are! Some varieties get nice fall color in the leaves, too – I’ve seen that in the wild ones, in the mountains. My mother used to pick great quantities of wild blueberries, bring them home, freeze them, and then make incredible pies. But if you have your own berries, just picking them and popping them in your mouth at random times would be the best! 😉

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    1. Definitely not 🙂
      I went outdoors to check the plant a couple of hours ago and was surprised to find lots more fruit under each branch (as much as on top in clear sight).

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