Time for a late lunch…..and…..harvesting my lettuces.  As I mentioned in an earlier post, they looked too good to cut.

A quick wash and spin dry (so the French oil and lemon/vinegar dressing sticks to the leaves)……

Green lettuce, purple lettuce, Sorrel and Parsley from my Garden…….and voila…….lunch.

Enjoy……………..(I did).

13 thoughts on “ITS TIME……….

    1. Amazing what my tiny balcony garden can produce isn’t it, Lonnie.
      (But, my parsley’s gone to seed and I’ve finished my kale and baby spinach, so I need to get going to the plant nursery for some more seedlings to raise).

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  1. Yes Lonnie. My brother gave me some heirloom Giant Spinach seeds and after waiting a long time with no result, I dug through the soil and found only 2 seeds. The other 6 had disappeared. I grow leafy greens and herbs to eat and don’t have the patience (or room) to grow from seed. I need edible crops within about 6-7 weeks.
    My brother, on his 10 acres, grows mostly from seed, preferably the heirloom varieties from a specialist online supplier.

    I tend to experiment with whatever I might think will grow on this hot west-facing balcony. I had a massive crop from my 3 tomato plants last year, but the (experimental) Red Capsicum took 13 weeks before I got an edible fruit and then……the possums jumped off the apartment roof and destroyed 2 of the larger branches and overall, I think I only scored about 6-7 capsicums all together. I’ve only got herbs left at the moment, so I’ll be off to buy a Kale and some baby spinach plants very soon. I love going outdoors to cut a few leaves for lunch or dinner. This year i grew more flowers than edibles.


    1. Thanks Terry. I’m a big salad eater in the warmer weather.

      I’ve downsized the garden dramatically last weekend, but still need the herbs & leafy greens. I’ve eaten the last of the Kale and baby Spinach so I can empty the big pots. Need to go to the plant nursery to get some more seedlings to get ready for the Summer salad season. Parsley’s pretty much finished too.

      Hopefully there’ll be less daily watering this summer.

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    1. Yep…’s gone to Vicki’s tummy. The lettuce leaves were on the verge of starting to wilt, so I figured it was time to harvest. The green lettuce was sooooooo big though. Enough to last all week.


    1. Thanks Tanja.
      At least half my balcony garden has been reduced now. Couldn’t believe how pot-bound some of those flowering plants were – no wonder they were starting to droop.

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