Now, I’m not going to chase through Google Images in search of this one, as it looked like something from another planet, but what is it?

Seen in a local residential garden near my home, it is obviously the new Spring shoots of some bush.  The bush was quite large at about 8-9 foot high and about 5 foot wide.

It was covered in a greyish-white with a tinge of red wine-coloured leaves.  For all I know it might be a really common plant and just looked unusual at this new shoot stage, which I’d never seen before.

10 thoughts on “WHAT PLANT IS THAT?

    1. That could merely be my ignorance, Jane.
      Actually, the shape of the tight young leaves do look a bit like some form of maple shoots. Only thing is that so far, any Maple I’ve seen in my area has already got a a full cloak of leaves (unless the mystery bush/tree is a late growing Maple of course).


    1. Will do, Eliza.

      It’s certainly not the colour of the other Japanese Maples in the area (including my own 2 – one in front of my balcony and one in front of the main building entrance door).


    1. Wow! You’re right, Linda. Thanks for the link. Must be a particular variety though as my Japanese Maple I’ve been watching from the slightest bud, looked nothing like the photo in this post (or your link).

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