I’ve been trying to stay off the computer in the interests of Health & Happiness.  I discovered how much better my chronic 20 month-old headache is for starters.

Sorry folks, but even blog reading and commenting is severely rationed.

I’ve also been trying to do some Odds & Sods e.g. sorting out old linen and kitchen wares for the charity shop.  Culling a few more books.

The remaining task of downsizing my heavy potted plants and pot-bound ones between bright sunny afternoons and rainy cold afternoons is still in progress.

Due to lack of growth, I pulled all the Spinach plants out of the big heavy veggie trough and ate them (below in the white plastic bowl).

Still can’t work out why it didn’t grow.  I think I’ll go back to Perpetual ‘cut & pick’ and Baby Leaf varieties.  They were brilliant (image on the right).

But since the Baby Leaf was in a heavy tall pot, (and don’t ask me why I didn’t put it in a small pot), I’ve eaten all that, instead of just cutting off outer leaves.  So I’ve only got Kale, mint and parsley to eat at the moment.  Even the Parsley is going to seed and might have to be replaced.

I still haven’t got back to the row of Cherry Blossoms in the nearby small park to photograph, so you get the best shot out of a couple of weeks ago.  The image below was actually from a small row of trees in front of a new apartment block.

The Gum nuts off the Red-flowering Eucalyptus near the top of my steep little road are in abundance and I can’t wait for the flowers to appear in a 3-4 months.

There are certainly lots of new shoots on the other side of the bush, but the holes and dilapidated state of their leaves continue to indicate some sort of pest or disease.

…….and for once, I wish the Developers and Construction workers would come back to the site on the other side of my road, because I’m fed up with the blown-down fences and eyesore of the half-finished excavation.  I think 26th June was the last sighting.

Well, that’s my lot for the week 🙂

Time to turn the computer off early…….. and get on with it.

PS After a week of lovely weather, its back to cold and rain with intermittent sun breaks  😀


….and yes, I could look through my enormous photo library and find a nice selection of images to share and write about, but my photo libraries are a mess (still) and I’d end up on the computer for the afternoon and get nothing done away from my desk.


….and it’s probably a timely reminder, (again), for all Aussies to start wearing the highest SPF sun-block (mine is 50+), a good hat and long-sleeved shirt and try to avoid the central part of the day.

Winter or Overcast days do not protect you from the UV rays, neither does a suntan you big strong beefy men.

Two weeks ago I had one suspicious spot removed from my upper left arm which turned out to be a Basel cell carcinoma (the slow-growing skin cancer, but still the potential to spread externally and internally)  – stitches out tomorrow.   I’ve got another one to be removed from my right upper arm tomorrow.

Then a full body and scalp check at a Skin Cancer Clinic in about 4 weeks time.

Gee, they sure remove large pieces of flesh with these biopsies.  But what’s a few stitches and scars if it stops the spread.

Neither site has seen sun for about 30+ years, but my lower forearms DID get seriously sunburnt in the first 2-3 summers of my Photography hobby (despite sunblock) – 2011, 2012 & 2013.

Pleeeeeease heed my warnings.



19 thoughts on “ODDS & SODS…….

  1. Those blossoms are splendid — so beautiful. And your reminder about how to deal with sunshine is well-taken.

    Even though you’re reducing your computer time, you might tuck this great article about sparrows into your files for a read some day. I found it interesting and enjoyable, which is always a good combination.

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    1. Thanks Linda. I daresay the reminder was mainly for the Aussie readers, but I decided it wouldn’t hurt to also mention it to the o/s folk.

      Will definitely read the Sparrow article thanks. They feature so heavily in my day these days.


    1. Thank you, Jane. One of those ordinary photos that tells the story.
      The rain saves having to water the garden, Jane, but this particular apartment has no balcony above it, so one has to close the windows and shut the sliding door to avoid getting wet.
      (and of course the resulting dusty windows DO spoil the occasional Bird photo).


  2. Nothing like healthy living, and your garden shows it ~ fresh spinach is so good, but also understandable why it is time for it to go. Great photos, as always, and your advice on sun is heeded and needed. Nothing quite like the feel of the sun’s rays, but like everything in life – never indulge too much. Cheers to the week ahead, and good luck with your next check-up.

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    1. Thanks Randall. I just love being about to step out on the balcony to cut some leafy greens and herbs for dinner.

      I’m too fair to be a sun lover, but have got quite badly sunburnt at various times in my life……..1976 in Athens and the first 2-3 summers doing photography in the Royal Botanic Gardens.

      Thanks for your good wishes re the next check-up – hopefully no more suspicious lumps or bumps.


  3. Don’t feel bad about not being able to comment or do much blog reading. I’m right there with you- for different reasons- but still, that’s life sometimes.

    As always, lovely photos. I’m really looking forward to being DONE with our project and getting on with the routine of life….so I can blog more!

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    1. Your blog is one I never miss, Connie. I can’t wait to see the rest of the renovations and interior spaces…….then, how you make a garden in that small outdoor space of course. In some ways, our home interiors and exteriors are both relatively small and compact. We live such different lives and in some ways surprisingly similar. I’m also in the middle of changing my galley kitchen/lounge furniture arrangement. I’ve changed it about 4 times since I moved in 2 years ago, but there’s always something that doesn’t quite work well.


      1. You know, I think you are right about our lives being similar. Galley kitchen….I think that’s that’s about how I could describe mine.

        I also always read your blog. Recently I haven’t commented much and I’m really sorry. But I’m sure you understand why.

        I’d love to see more of your home too! I love seeing how others arrange their homes. Gives me ideas!

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    2. Will email you with some photos (taken tomorrow) Connie……or the next day….or whenever. Still going through some linen sorting and book rearranging at the moment. And moving my little couch has meant the 2 pictures behind it are out of balance and in the wrong place. In my place if I move one thing, it seems to affect several others.


  4. Sorry about your spinach, Vicki, but I guess not everything can thrive predictably all the time. I love your house sparrows on the pot, and the cherry blossoms and gum nuts are gorgeous. Happy springtime, WITH sunscreen!
    Best wishes,

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    1. Thanks Tania.

      Weird about the (ordinary variety) of spinach not maturing and stuck at that small leaf stage. All my other spinach varieties have grown easily. All my plants have put on new leaf growth and/or height with the warmer weather. In fact, many plants that I cut down to 1-2″ high after the Harlequin Bugs ate/damaged every leaf have, re-grown and are now normal. (well, until the next pest onslaught).

      It never ceases to amaze me how well plants grow on this west-facing balcony with its fierce winds that bend the larger trees in the street almost double. Sure, the mid-summer sun is extremely hot and seems magnified by the glass on 3 sides of the balcony, but a re-arrangement of plants each season gives each plant a fair position for its needs.

      And happy Autumn to you, Tanja. I still have your 11th sept post kept aside to read. Medical appointments and other tasks have kept me busy and I’m trying to get more active (instead of sitting down at the computer so much).

      I can’t take the heat and get sunburnt easily, but I guess the skin damage was done in my youth (as much as the first few years doing photography when I bought the camera in 2010). I think I should have been more vigilant RE-applying the sunscreen every 2 hours outdoors as I perspired (and it might have worn off ?). Also, I was always ready to go for a walk after midday – the hottest and highest UV part of the day. Once again, a habit due to being on the computer in the mornings. Mornings were always the best light for photo reviewing and editing, so that’s how another reason for walking early afternoons and not mornings.

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      1. I understand that spending too much time at the computer is injurious to your health-probably mine, too!
        As far as the sunscreen, up until twenty years or so ago, nobody thought of the dangers associated with sunbathing, and we all suffered far too many blistering sunburns. Now we know, and the effects are even worse because of the damaged ozone layer, especially over your continent! We can and should try to protect ourselves from sunburns, but since we love being outdoors, we won’t stay indoors.

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